January 12th, 2012

  • mjk_sea

Day 2 = Tilted Cervix = Leaks?!?


Admittedly I'm still getting the hang of my cup (Diva size 2), but overall have had great success with it...except on the second day of my cycle.  Day 1 I get a great seal, no problems, no leaks, 12 hours without a problem.  Somewhere towards the end of day 1/start of day 2, my cervix tilts off to one side and I have leaks every cycle.  After day 2, things are fine again.

Any suggestions for how to get the cup positioned when my cervix is all over the map?  I wear my cup low, I know it's open so it seems like it should be working fine.  I'd really love this to be as easy as I know it can be.  Thanks!