January 5th, 2012

New cupper :)

Hi all...well after lurking here for the past couple of months and soaking up (no pun intended) as much info as possible, I've finally decided to take the cup plunge. I'm getting the Lunette Selene sz. 2...my specs are as follows: 30 y/o, sexually active, 2 vaginal births, Paragard IUD, VERY heavy periods w/clotting. My periods typically last anywhere from 7-9 days. It is because of the clotting that I was very hesitant to get a cup; I was afraid that I would leak and still have to use pads (eek)! I didn't see too many posts on here from ladies who have a lot of clotting; is the cup still suitable or should I just use pads for the first two (heaviest) days? I think my cervix is kind of low--I can just touch the tip of it with my middle finger, which is the longest, but I didn't want to get a small because I was afraid it wouldn't be big enough. -_- Anyway, I've rambled enough...thanks to you ladies for all of your help and I'm sure I'll be back with questions/comments!
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