January 4th, 2012


i am going to be ordering the Meluna cup but i was wondering weather i should order the classic or the soft.  does anybody know what the benefits and drawbacks are to each or have any experience.
thank you

Wondering about sudden huge spill

Hi folks! I was just sitting in a chair, reading a book, when suddenly my large Yuuki decided to dump its entire contents into my underwear. I didn't even shift positions or anything, it just happened randomly. I haven't changed my insertion technique and this cup has never leaked on me until today. Any ideas as to what might have happened, so I can try to avoid it in future?

Is there something better for me than my Mooncup?

Hi All,

I'm a newbie on here, although a pretty seasoned Mooncup user (been using them off and on for about 7 years... I lost one, and only got round to replacing it last month, so I'm well and truly back in the game).

I've been advocating my mooncup for about as long as I've had it, and until I came across this forum the other day hadn't even considered alternatives... however, on reading and reading and reading through the really informative posts, questions and answers on here, as much as I love my mooncup, and as attached to it as I am, I'm beginning to think there may be a better cup for me!

I encounter some problems removing as that really thick stiff rim and springy cup causes some discomfort as it emerges... ouch... would a softer cup help do you think? any suggestions? I'm about to turn 26, no kids, so I'm on the smaller (B) mooncup. A meluna soft medium is sounding like a good idea?

Having never touched another cup, I guess I have no idea how much they vary in 'squishyness', or how this might impact on seal etc (I've never had any leaking) - how big are the differences between cups?

I'm reading a lot about cervixs being in different places/levels - think mine must be pretty high as I've never had any issues...

Also, when I was last using my mooncup I was sexually active, which I'm not now.. so thats another reason I'm wondering if having tightened up a bit down there a different cup may do the job better? 

Thoughts appreciated :)