December 5th, 2011

cleaning/sterilizing, a washing machine and BV infection

hi all! soo i accidentally left my divacup in the pocket of my robe and sent it to the wash and dryer with it :/ is the cup still ok to use after sterilizing/boiling? i cleaned it with rubbing alcohol before i inserted at the beginning of my cycle, but im starting to wonder if that was the cause of the BV infection i got after i ended my period. i'd hate to think that i need to get a new cup. i'm now being treated for the infection, but of course i don't want it to come back next month again because of my cup.

also, i live in a dorm, so there isn't a place that i can boil water for my cup. ive been cleaning it with rubbing alcohol until i noticed recently that the divacup website advises to not clean with rubbing alcohol (then again, it also says not to clean with hydrogen peroxide, and i know many people do that). would soaking in hydrogen peroxide and/or alcohol be enough to clean it after each cycle (especially now since it's been through the wash and a BV infection), or should i be worried that there's nowhere i can boil it? is there a difference between cleaning with hydrogen peroxide and alcohol? aaand what type of hydrogen peroxide should i be using? 


Lunette Winner!

Congratulations to facebook user Melanie Smith -- The winner of Zanashop's Lunette Christmas giveaway!  A new camera is the correct guess..  Her guess was made on December 1st at 10:21pm.

There was another guess for the same thing made close in time, in LiveJournal, but the other time/date says December 2nd, 6:05am.  

Again, congratulations, Melanie!

Lunette and I Aren't Friends Anymore

Oh wise menstrual cup community, can you give some guidance? I've searched the community for my issue but didn't turn up any results that had solutions. Please by all means, direct me to posts you think might answer this.

Here's my issue: this is my third period with my Lunette size two Selene and I would say roughly 70% of the time it causes me pain and discomfort to the point that I simply cannot wear it. I am getting sick of the gamble; sometimes when I put it in, things are fine--I can get it to sit in my vagina in a way that I don't feel it at all.

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