October 22nd, 2011

Can't insert/remove soft cups correctly!

I'm very new to using anything other than tampons and pads. I bought my first box of instead softcups today. I currently have spotting to a light flow. I wanted to use the softcups because I have had a lot of spotting in the past couple months, due to PCOS. This trial DID NOT go as planned and I am now tramatised!

I tried to insert it on the toilet and couldn't reach my vagina. So I tried squatting but couldn't balance. So I went and laid in bed and tried. I could reach better but still took several tried. Finally it seemed to just SUCK UP in and I thought it had went into place since I couldn't feel it. I did feel a little sore from the multiple tries.

So I went to work. Four hours later I went to urinate and had leaked. So I figured it would be best to remove and try again at home. I could NOT reach it on the toilet. I had no choice but to lay on the floor against the bath tub. I tried and tried but could barely touch the ring. I could tell it had not opened but I could not get in far enough. If only my fingers were an inch longer. I tried bearing down and several positions. I could only reach it in the one position, and couldn't get it out. I finally got a spoon and used the handle to get over the rim and pulled it right out.

You could tell it had been bent in half the whole time. I'm scared to try again. I really wanted to be able to have intercourse while bleeding. My bf is major blood phobic and I have been spotting/light flow constant for 4 months now. My Dr won't give me hormone for another two months to stop it. I really think I am too obese to use cups and that is very depressing. I used to use nuvaring and new how to check my cervix for fertility. But that was 8 yrs ago and 70 lbs smaller. Now I'm 390 lbs and miserable! I'm 27 and have never had kids. :'( I use tampons without problems, except I soak through a ultra tampon and pad in 30 mins to an hr on really bad cycles, and within 2-3 hrs on regular cycles.

Unused cup lifespan

Hello! I have a mooncup (uk) size b which I'm not allowed to use for another 4-5 years or so (my mother is afraid that it will tear up my insides even though I've tried telling her that it's not possible). My question is how long can a menstrual cup last if left alone? I do take it out once in a while to play with it and mourn my 'loss'. It hasn't even been washed yet. Is there a chance of it degrading from lack of use or dirt from my fingers? Sorry if this question is weird.