October 18th, 2011


Comparing the shape

Thought I'd share my method for comparing cup shape ;)

step 1: open a graphic editor with layers (there's web-based pixlr.com if you don't want to install anything)
step 2: get your comparison pic into the program. use "open image" or "open image URL" depending on whether the photo is saved to your comp or not. alternatively, create a new image (file - new image), click printscreen (only this will work with pics from afriska.ch) and click edit-paste.
step 3: on the right, you'll see the layer titled background. right click and choose duplicate.
step 4: click the toggle layer settings button, bottom left of the "layers" window. change the opacity and move the layer! you'll see one cup kinda on top of the other one.

if this sounds complicated, i recommend using the pics from afriska.ch as they're very clear :) otherwise you can use free transformation on practically any pic (transform the half-transparent layer). Here's an example, I used a pic taken by femininewear :)

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also, I've recently experienced almost the same as what's described here, well not quite ;D I got some geisha balls and despite having a really low cervix, i can insert them when my cup is in! XD they're fairly large, 3cm in diameter, so yes i'm impressed there's space for them haha.

New to this stuff

I finally bought myself a meLuna cup, it's the smallest one and has a ring on the end (link at bottom of post).
I'm having some problems putting it in, not used to it and I hate tampons. But I'm finding it even more difficult to pull out, I have to pull really hard, and the feeling just disgusts me. I have no problems with my vagina and I am confident when I touch all the stuff down there, but when I pull out the mooncup (or a tampon) I get a horrible feeling, like I'm ripping it out from my stomach or something. I know this sounds weird, but I was hoping for some advice on removing it correctly.
I've tried the c-fold, the 7-fold and the origami-fold, but I don't know if it is opening up right, or if it is even in the right place.
I want to give my mooncup a second chance (also it is cheaper than pads on long-term and better for the vagina itself).
Please help :)