June 15th, 2011

OMG the SMELL!!!!

Okay, first off, I'd like to say that after my first cycle with my very first cup (large Lunette) I am extremely happy with my decision to finally buy one and try it.  Once my body got used to it I literally could not even tell I had it in.  And I had absolutely no leakage issues...yay!!  BUT.....

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Help, I can't get my cup in!

So, this is a variation of the ol' "I'm a virgin and my cup won't fit" post.

I'm 28. I'm a virgin. I can use tampons without any real issues, and I can fit a finger up there without problems. I read the virgin's guide to cups that someone posted here. I bought a Moon Cup (the Keeper one, not the UK one) last month, started my period last night, and decided to try it out today.

I initially tried the labia fold from that one YouTube video that's often linked here (sorry, I can't find the URL at the moment!), because I was concerned about the bulky lower part of the cup that you get with the triangle fold. There was a burning and stinging sensation around the outside of my vagina, along with resistance right at the entrance, so I'm pretty sure it's my hymen that was unhappy with this. Tried a couple more times with the now slippery cup; still no luck. I switched to the triangle fold, with the same results. The cup is now washed and sitting on my bathroom counter, and I'm wearing pads again. And I'm a little sore down there.

Any other suggestions? I'm thinking of just returning the cup at this point.

Edit: I've tried again, standing in different positions and using different folds, and once I get to a section of the folded cup that's wider than a finger, it stings and there's resistance. I have no reason to stretch out my hymen beyond using a cup, and I don't want to use a cup badly enough to deal with pain, so I'll be returning it. Thank you to everyone for your help anyway!