April 27th, 2011

meluna issues

hi all,
i have been having some issues with my meluna.
the first which is, i'm finding pretty common, is the offensive odor coming from the cup. i actually thought for a while that i had an infection or something because it smelled so bad. i have been boiling it bcs it stinks so bad and here's where the second problem comes in. after boiling it, i noticed there was a weird film covering the pot i use to boil it, and the meluna cup itself. i thought it was gross left over menstrual fluid that bonded to the cup, but now i'm not so sure. i'm wondering if the cup is breaking down or melting when i'm boiling it. it sucks because i bought the cup through a co-op and don't think i can return it...
any advice on what i could do? or maybe a cup i should switch to? i chose a meluna because of it's small size- i like how compact it is.
thanks everyone!