April 25th, 2011

Long Vagina Issue

So, I'm beginning to think my cervix is way back there.  I'm 24 with no babies.  Once when I had a yeast infection and was doing the medicine with the syringe thing I couldn't get the syringe "all the way to the cervix" as the instructions said.  The syringe wasn't long enough.  And for a few other reasons I'm thinking I'm rocking a long vagina.

I just bought the divacup today.  I put it in with ease and there is no pain.  However, I don't know if I got it in far enough.  Also, I can't turn it.  I could turn it a little, but it was like my vagina was too tight and wouldn't let it turn.  Does that make sense? And when I was trying to turn it it was already pretty far in and hard to get.  Are there any other long vagina'ed women out there that have been successful.  I really want this to work.  I finally caved and spent the $40 plus $12 for the wash.....

And sorry if this is a repeat...I trolled the site for an answer with no success.  Thanks!

my first cycle with a menstrual cup

So I got my cup, a small lunette selene, last summer but wasn't having my period so I had to wait. And no dry runs worked. But anyways I finally am having a period and I decided to use my cup. I finally got it in and up far enough, but I found when I had gas or needed to pee it felt very weird, and uncomfortable. Its a couple days later and it has gotten better, but not entirely. When I go pee and then take out the cup, I have to pee some more and it burns a little. I tend to have urinary infections so I am a little concerned. Is it something that my body will get used to, or am I going to harm my uretha? Thank you for your time!