April 20th, 2011

Leaky fluercup... Cervix in weird position?

 Hey everyone, I'm new to this site and I'm having alot of trouble with my new fluercup. I have a large fluercup, I'm 20 and have had 1 vaginal birth.

This cycle is my first time using a cup and I've had nothing but trouble with it. I've searched and searched, trying to figure out why it keeps leaking and I've narrowed down a few things. I'm pretty sure that blood is coming through the holes when I lay down. Every time the blood is no higher than the grips but I keep finding blood on the outside of the holes which makes me think its escaping... but that' s not my main problem.

I keep leaking larger amounts of blood that couldn't possibly be coming from the holes and at first I thought I was putting it past my cervix so I put it as low in my vagina as possible... Well the problem is that is keeps sliding up past my cervix. I'm not even sure if that's suppose to happen. After doing research I've learned that the cervix is suppose to be at the top of the vagina and the cup is suppose to be under the opening... but my cervix is on the side of my vagina, and the opening is facing my back and then my vagina just travels onward into nothingness. So the cup just slides right on past it so the side of the cup is pressed against my cervix.

So here are my questions: Has anyone ever had problems with blood coming through the holes, either with a fluercup or another brand? Is there something wrong with my cervix and if so is there anything I can do about it? And if there isn't anything wrong with my cervix then how can I get my cup to stay below it?

Here's a video that made me wonder if my cervix was in the right place: http://www.youtube.com/user/MenstrualCupInfo#p/u/14/8qEaCn2w9Y4 

So I don't know if the video is just grossly misinterpreting the cervix or my cervix is just completely screwed up.

Loving the MeLuna!

I've read a lot at this community, it has been so helpful!

I ordered a soft MeLuna at the end of February, one with no stem, as I've always completely cut the stem off other cups (Keeper, Diva, and MoonCup). I was delighted to receive a second cup with my order.

Finally today I was "in the mood" to try my cup. First I went with the softer cup, but couldn't get it to pop open. I finally gave up and tried the stiffer one they'd sent, which has the ball stem. To my complete surprise, it is comfortable -- I do not notice the stem at all, even though it definitely rides low. The reason I decided on the MeLuna was due to its shortness. The Diva was much too long (and very uncomfortable). I had some success with the Keeper and MoonCup over the years, but eventually they too came to bother me - I think as I had more children (4 now) and also developed a rectocele (oh yay).

Anyway, I wore the MeLuna for 7 hours for the first run, and did not have one whit of a problem with it. CD 1 is usually very light, so we'll have to see how the next few days go, but I am so pleased with my first go at it. Definitely glad that they sent the second cup, because I'd have been really really disappointed with the softer one not working today. I'm usually house-bound with AF; today I was out and about, getting in and out of the car, walking around, generally being normally active, and I didn't even have to think about my period. Exactly how a cup should be!

So for anyone whose had trouble, don't give up! The right cup is out there, I'm proof ;-)

ETA: I can't get the continuous use tag to go away.

thin cup

does anyone know of a chart that lists the length of the bottom of the cup, not the stem. i have am trying to figure out which cup to get next because my large yukki isnt working for me. on my heavy days my cerxis is very low, i have shaved my cup down as much as possible so that nothing sticks out of my vagina, but it still protrudes a little, so im looking for a cup that is as thin as possible on the bottom...but still has lots of room inside.  i have tryed turning it inside out and that helps a little, but it still stickes out a few mm and irritates me till i want to scream at something(usualy the kids!)

sex = no cup? LOL

Have any of you ever had an issue putting the cup in after sex? My husband and I had sex this morning and probably 20ish minutes afterwords, I tried to put my cup in... well I DID put my cup in, it went in without an issue, opened up just fine, etc... but then as soon as I let go, it would get pushed right back out! LOL I waited an hour or two and then went back and it went in fine. LOL I actually found it quite comical, so it isn't much of an issue, I was just curious if this is a common problem? I was thinking maybe I was still contracting from the orgasm and that was pushing it out? I had an orgasm with the cup already in the other day and that just seemed to put it in an even better place, but that was with it in before the orgasm, this time I was trying to put it in afterwords, but that is the only explanation I can think of. LOL Any ideas?

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Just two more stupid questions and I'll promise to shut up until my cup is actually here.

I ordered a small Lunette on Amazon from the seller Tickle Me Pink Store. Has anyone else here ordered from them? Do they send a "your order has been shipped!" email? I really can't wait until mine is here :P

Also, I was going to use non perfumed non antibacterial soap and boil mine once I get it and then use it. Is this good enough?