April 12th, 2011


Lunette Review and Pictures :)

Hello all :) I've been using my lunette cup for awhile, so I decided to write up a review on it and take some pictures. It's on my blog, sort of a mish mash of cup reviews, menstrual cup information, and related topics.

I think my lunette is so much more comfortable than my divacup for some reason... but it doesn't have as much capacity. So I am tempted to get the large size in the green or the purple that's coming out. Any word on when the new colors will be available? :)

Also, the other day my article about how to use instead softcups was featured on wikiHow. I got some comments that it seemed like an advertisement... which I guess it kind of does in the intro, but it's mainly an instruction page on how to use insteads, and I don't work for that company! LOL :) But anyways then someone went as far as to say there were similar products in other countries. I didn't think there was anything else similar to the instead. Has anyone heard of any brands? Here is the discussion page for the how-to, which got some... interesting comments:

I also added a new post about the pros and cons of using a menstrual cup :)
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First Cycle with my Large Lunette Selene

So I wanted to write about how well my first time use of my Large Lunette Selene went! It's been a couple weeks, but what with being in grad school I've had papers and projects to do. But now I finally had a moment to rave about my very first cup use!

My cycle started on a Thursday, but I had to be at my internship that day and didn't want to use my cup for the first time outside of the house, so I tried my cup for the first time when I got home. Insertion was no problem whatsoever, no pain and no issues popping open. I left the cup in for maybe 6 hours before removing, and it was probably just below half full (my first day is the heaviest). I was a little worried about removal but had no trouble whatsoever! I used the cup for the rest of my cycle, even trying it overnight and while I went to the gym with no issues. I was really so excited at how well it worked.

My only "complaint" which isn't really that big of a complaint, is that the time I used my cup overnight I woke up and could kind of feel the cup. When I removed it, it was like my vaginal walls could relax. Not sure if it is because the cup is too large or too firm for me. I did get the Large Lunette, despite being younger than 30 and never having children, because I was concerned about capacity. However now after using it I know capacity will only be an issue on the first day of my cycle (all the other days when I emptied the cup it was less than a third or quarter full after 8-10 hours). I am considering buying a small Lunette or small Fleurcup in the future, if this feeling persists after a few more test cycles. Either way, I've been made into a believer!

please, help with leaking and advice on new cup????thinking of abandoning cups :(

Hi everyone! This is the first time I've posted on here, although I've been looking around for nearly a year now. As backgroup info - I'm 20 years old, a virgin although have no problems inserting cups, have a very heavy flow, and my cervix sits reasonably high (using large lunette with no problems-although it completely engulfs my cervix so that could be why it sits so high), my cervix is also slanted quite far off to the left, although I don't know if this could cause any problems,as i make sure my cup always sits around it.

About 9 months ago I bought my first cup (a small lunette selene) which I loved but couldn't get to stop leaking when it was less than half full, thinking it was because my cervix sits inside the cup and therefore there wasn't enough room before my cup overflows, I bought a large lunette selene. Although this did help somewhat I'm still having a lot of problems and thinking of trying another cup...So I could really do with some advice as I cant afford to buy another if the next one doesn't help, and will be forced to return to the dreaded pads (I'm too terrified of TSS to use tampons and the heaviness of my flow varies too widely during my period).

The problems I'm having with it are that it always leaks after it is at most 1/3 full, presumably because my cervix sits inside the cup (even if i try to pull the cup down a little after inserting), which with my flow means i have to change it at least every hour, which is very difficult as I work picking fruit on a farm.
It also always leaks a little anyway, which isn't residual blood, and especially at the start of my period it often leaks without managing to catch hardly anything in the cup.
The biggest problem though is that quite often at night if I sleep for more than an hour without getting up to empty it, when I get up it will all come down all of a sudden (completely or mostly missing my cup) and ruin whatever I'm wearing. I've only had this with my cup and it's making me think of abandoning them, which i really really don't want to do! but sleeping in one hour stretches is starting to get me down..

The only ideas I've found on here is either trying a much thinner cup that won't actually fit around my cervix (and therefore my cervix won't take up all the room), getting a larger capacity cup (although it doesn't go much higher than a large lunette), or getting a softer cup such as the large yukki, as there was an idea going around that the firmer cups could cause leaking especially at night, as they could, I think, not mold to your shape when your lying down as well, or keep the shape it squishes into when your lying down for a short while after you get up (allowing the blood to escape). I don't know if any of this ideas sound plausible to any of you but I'd appreciate suggestions.

I'm looking at either a mpower or large fleurcup, as it is slightly larger and firmer (would this help?) and has a higher capacity in the bottom of the cup (where my cervix wouldn't reach), a large yukki, as it is even bigger and a lot softer ( would this help??) or something that wouldn't fit around my cervix. So basically I'd really appreciate suggestions on whether a thinner cup could be likely to help, which cup you'd suggest, and mostly whether you think a firmer or a softer cup would be more likely to help????
thanks for any advice i really appreciate it.

As a side note, I was wondering if anyone knows if having your cervix completely inside (and kind of squished by) your cup cup can cause any health issues or increase the likelihood of cervical cancer etc?