April 1st, 2011

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Wee! Success! & a question about lube, & a goofy question.

Hey all. Just wanted to post about my thrilling success using my DivaCup for my most recent period, which was a couple weeks ago.

My introduction to menstrual cups happened several years ago. The idea squicked me out a bit at first, but the more I thought about it, the more curious I was. I preferred internal methods of menstrual management at the time and I was becoming more interested in environmentally friendly personal care options, so I eventually used my mom's credit card to order a Keeper for myself.

Upon receiving the Keeper, I was pretty disappointed. I have a disability called arthrogryposis which affects joint flexibility/range of motion and muscle strength. My wrists and hands have multiple joint contractures, are sorta weak, and I have trouble with some of my fine motor skills. And the Keeper was so rigid, I could barely keep it folded just holding it in front of myself to look at, much less trying to insert it. I tried a few different times to get the stupid thing in with no success. My final attempt ended with me angrily throwing it across the bathroom of my dormitory suite. Haha.

Fast forward several years--I'm now even MORE into more eco-friendly options, and had actually been using cloth pads almost exclusively for the better part of a year. I like cloth, but I got tired of feeling blood gushing out of me every period, and I also wanted something that was a bit less tedious to clean. :) So, at the suggestion of a friend, I ordered a DivaCup. I was fully expecting to have to sell it to someone in this community but, lo and behold, I tried it the night I got it and was able to insert it! I also made it through almost all of my last period using just the Diva, with only one instance of bad leaking that was my own fault--I fell asleep on a heavy flow day without having emptied it, so it overflowed. Oops. ;D

I did have some trouble inserting it initially, and I bought some lubricant which makes it completely worry-free. I'm wondering, though: will the fact that my lube contains glycerin be a problem re: yeast infections? It's just a cheap drug store brand of K-Y Jelly, basically. I don't have a lot of extra cash floating around but if the glycerin is going to pose a problem, I could splurge for some lube without it. Just curious if others have regularly used that kind of lube, and what your experience has been.

Also, and this is really goofy--I found myself wondering, while using the cup, just what insertion looks like from the outside, and I sort of wanted to make a video with my webcam or something. lol. I've seen the how-to vids on YouTube using a clear tube, but I guess I'm just wondering if there are any more "explicit" videos floating around out there. Because I am curious about weird things like that. :D

Anyway, I'm glad to finally be posting here and using my cup! I really love this community. There's so much information to discover!

where to buy a meluna?

anyone know how or where i can buy a med. meluna soft without haveing to use paypal or international currancy? i previously bought a large yukki beccause i need the capacity but turns out that its too long for me, so im going to have to give up some capasity to get a shorter one, and i think that the med meluna is the best option for size vs lengh.


 I literally just joined, but reading through has been both helpful and overwhelming already (I had no idea HOW many options were available. Geeze)

I was hesitant to post this since I'm sure you get it all the time, but, again, you do seem to get it all the time, so I'm hoping it's not the most serious of offenses (I can delete it if it's a problem, though)

I have never used a menstrual cup before, but I have a very light flow and I've found that tampons are beginning to cause me serious discomfort. I had my heart set on a Lunette (the Diana is adorable, not that it matters as no one sees it, but I'd know!) but was a little taken aback by the price-- I'm not sure why it's literally twice the price of a DivaCup?

I don't want to sink a lot of money into something I'm just trying, but I also don't want to be scared away from the whole idea, so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions?

CupLee Photos, Review, Video

Hi everyone, I'm a bit late getting this info up, I've been quite busy the past few days.  But I got my CupLee sample from Russia in the mail (thank you to the CupLee company!).  So I wanted to share it with all of you!  I'll try to put some pictures on this page, hopefully the LJ cut will be nice to me today :)  .  I got the green cup, its kind of clearish.  But they do have other colors, and 2 opaque colors as well: 
Collapse )

But also, here is my review:  menstrualcupinfo.wordpress.com/about-cuplee/

And here is The YouTube video:  www.youtube.com/watch

I like this one, its cute, and very soft :) And I especially love the pouch!