March 25th, 2011

Can't decide on which size (Lunette)!

Hello everyone,

I've been poring through a ton of entries here and have decided on purchasing a Lunette cup as my very first menstrual cup! However, I still can't decide on what size to get. I'm currently 21, have had sex before but would say I'm rather...tight down there (for lack of a better word). My cervix should be relatively high up during the cycle, at least 6cm up) but it does get rather sensitive down there at times.

Basically, my period lasts for 6-7 days, but only 2-3 days consists of heavy bleeding. The rest of the days it reduces drastically from light to spotting. I guess it is also worth mentioning that for those first 3 days, I will wake up to that dreaded morning gush.

Should I stick to size 2 or would size 1 be more ideal for the overall 7 days I'd be using the cup? Do people usually use two cups to deal with heavy and light flows within one period cycle? People keep saying the large Lunette is a lot stiffer, which is why I'm worried it might make me feel like I need to pee all the time (I find tampons sometimes do this to me, if I use super absorbency ones). If anyone owns both Lunette sizes, any comments/observations would be really helpful!

Thanks in advance x

Anatomy + Cup Question


First of all, thank you so much for all of your suggestions regarding my earlier post about finding a cup that will allow me to pee easily but has a high capacity. I'm currently researching Meluna, Yuuki, Miacup and Fleurcup as per your suggestions! :)

I'm posting again because I have a related but different question that will help me make the right decision. I'm trying to understand what it is about a cup and your anatomy that makes peeing difficult. Is it:

1) the stiffness of the cup?
2) the type/stiffness of rim?
3) length/width of the cup? (long cup + low cervix? 2 inch depth here!)
4) retroverted uterus + any of the above combinations?
5) other variables?

I appreciate all of your insight. I'm the type of person who needs to understand how something works before making a decision.

Thank you all in advance! You all are awesome! :)

Overnight Backup

A questionnaire of sorts, purely out of curiosity:

1) Do you wear anything as backup for overnight?
2) Why do you feel that backup is necessary/unnecessary for you?
3) What do you wear, disposable or cloth?
4) Do you wear something different than what you would during daytime (size/shape)?

I'm a newbie looking to invest in some overnight cloth pads, so I was just wondering about everybody's habits. I'd love to know about your experiences!


(no subject)

Hello all!

I've lurked this community off and on for some time, and finally decided to order a lunette selene (it's so pretty!) size 2 just in time for my period to begin, which was a few days ago. I'm not uncomfortable getting bloody, so I figured my initial efforts would go easier when I didn't have to worry about lubrication.

Insertion has not been a problem at all. Admittedly the first time, I'm not sure what I did, but my cervix was ANGRY. I stood up and had a cramp that dropped me to my knees. It only took a minor adjustment to fix it though. (However, I'm not sure what I did to fix it -- just sort of wobbled it around a bit until it felt right. What's the cause of that unpleasant feeling?)

Removal has been a huge pain, literally and figuratively, but I've seen plenty of stories much like mine (hard to grip, hard to break suction, etc.) and I'm encouraged, not to mention I am an incredibly stubborn person, so the last thing I will be doing is getting bested by a piece of silicone.

Regardless, I LOVE it already, on day 3. I wasn't sure about wearing it to work yet, I wanted some more time in the comfort of my home to get used to it and address any problems, so I've been wearing it evenings/nights, and all day at work I was wishing I had it instead of a pad, all of 3 days in! (I'm vehemently anti-tampon for my personal use)

It feels like a secret though -- I mentioned once to two of my co-workers that I had discovered this thing, cups (I hadn't made up my mind by far yet) and I was curious about them (we're close enough to have these conversations) and the both of them were horrified at the idea. (I certainly did not tell them when I decided to buy one!) Even my boyfriend seems a little eeked out by the notion of a reusable menstrual product. Cloth pads got the same reaction out of him when I decided to look into getting a few as my "backup."

Why the stigma? It seems like the best of all possible worlds.

Also, I read an older post about one person discovering "a tiny tear" near one of the holes and it was suggested to me by a negative nellie who shall remained unnamed that this is likely to happen to me too, and that even the tiniest aberration would ruin the cup forever, so it's no cheaper in the long run. What's the damage threshold on these things? Just trying to get a sense of how tough this cup is.