March 20th, 2011

Meluna Popping issues

Hello Everyone,

This is my first time posting so first let me say thank you to all of you here!  You've all helped me through the dreaded learning curve relatively unscathed.  I own a Large orange Meluna with a ring stem.  Although it is not my perfect cup as i still have to change it quite often at my worst days it has saved me from alot of agrivation.  My problem is with my meluna popping open.  I started using cups in June 2010 and used the punch down fold for insertion and it seemed to work fine.  Over the last several months though I've had more and more problems getting it to pop.  I was out this past weekend and used my cup as i was expecting my period.  After leaving the house thinking my cup was popped open.  I take it out later to find it still partially 'punched down'.  Any tricks or suggestions i could use?  Ive tried the cold water trick and it works sometimes but not always.  My cup works quite well when it opens put its becoming more and more of a crap-shoot whether it will cooperate or not.  Any advice??

Also another quick  question my cup also has a tiny bit of a kink from beng punched in the same spot so much. I think I fold the same side alot.  Would boiling it return it to shape?  Also my cup has begun to get cloudy and i cant seem to scrub it off.  I only rinse my cup during my period and soak it and give it a quick wash with baby wash after.  There is nothing 'wrong' with my cup but what would work to get it to clear back up?  I'd like to have my clear sparkly cup back. Thanks for your help.

Scared of insertion

Hello everyone!

I am a 20 year old virgin. I have been on the pill for well over a year, but take it continuously so I never get a period. It has begun causing me problems, so I plan to stop the pill when my pack is done (about 2 weeks).

I am trying to practice with my DiveCup, but am running into problems. During masterbation, I can insert 2 or 3 fingers. So it's not horribly tight, but I have never used tampons so it's all pretty new to me.

Usually when I start inserting it, I am very calm. However I have a fear of when it *pops*. A couple of times now it's popped when the rim was all the way in, but still very shallow, and it has hurt quite a bit. So now as soon as I have it in, I can't bring myself to let it go.

Does anyone have any tips for this?

"Love" is a 4 letter word

Number of cups, a poll

Last month was my first cycle with a cup and it was great (I even experienced the mythical shortened period, yey!). I quickly ordered a second larger cup and was thrilled when it arrived over the weekend. My period is due any day now. Perfect timing!

But now I've lost my new cup. It was on the table and now it's not. Poor thing was still in it's pretty packaging. I'm in the process of moving so it could be anywhere. SADFACE. I'm going to scour the house tomorrow, but this made me think that maybe I actually need a third or forth cup so that I have options if/when I misplace one.

Which brings me to my question.... how many cups do you own?

Poll #1720243 How many cups do you own?

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