February 5th, 2011

Lunette Woes

Firstly, I did check some of the older posts, but none of the insertion problems I looked at (the whole first page of posts under the insertion problems tag) are quite like mine... Ok, so, I am 20, virgin, have never worn tampons before, and I tried to jump from pads to a Lunette (small Selene). However, I generally (at the risk of tmi, sorry) masturbate with either several fingers or some other object in my vagina, so I didn't figure that putting a cup in there would be too different or traumatic.

Now, I got my lovely Lunette shortly after New Years, while I was still on my period, so I tried it out (after faithfully boiling it and cleaning it, as per the instructions). The first time, I got the cup in just fine, I even got most of the stem in, but I could still feel it(the stem) poking out a bit. I figured I would just try it really quickly while I showered, just for a sense of how to get it in, and how long I might be able to leave it in based on my bleeding, and whether or not I needed to trim the stem, and if so, about how much. So, after my shower, I popped it out, cleaned it up, and tried to put it back in. It wouldn't go all the way in before I could feel it bumping my cervix, and once I tried to push it in further, trying to angle it a bit differently, there was this almost pinching sort of pain, the sort where my main thought was 'GET IT OUT NOW, THIS IS NOT FUN ANYMORE'.

Every time since then, I can't get the cup in all the way before it hits my cervix, and then the painful pinching, and it needs to come out. I even trimmed the stem completely off, just for less length. I just tried again tonight (I'm pretty sure I just caught the VERY beginning of my period tonight) and I'm still running into the same problem. I even tried laying down and (again, potential tmi, sorry) masturbating to help, not only by providing natural lube to ease the cup in more easily, and to relax me even more (because what's more relaxing than orgasm? XD), but to also get my cervix to back off, but it still didn't work.

Is there some secret special angle the cup needs to go in at that I managed to find the first time, but am now missing? Is it just that I need a shorter cup? Is the Lunette Selene secretly a pet that needs food, water, and affection, or it'll bite? XP Or is there something else I haven't considered? This is getting a bit annoying, even though I knew there would be a learning curve for any cup. Any ideas/tips are greatly appreciated! (Also, this is my first time posting anything, so, if anything needs fixing, just let me know and I'll be happy to do it! Also, just edited to get rid of GIANT WALL OF TEXT OF DOOM for easier reading!)

Got a new Model 2 Lunette Selene

I had to throw my other cups out because I have gotten a bad yeast infection. I used monistat 7, I guess it worked. But I ordered a new cup which is a Lunette with the Lunette wash from an online store. I'll have to update how it goes. with my new cup.