organicchef (organicchef) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Theory about functional capacity- less than "to the holes"

While watching the cool-but-flawed fleurcup animation on the fleurcup page, where they show it catching tinted water in a wine glass, and contemplating how my large lunette always leaks through the holes at exactly 7.5 ml every time, I thought about this: it isn't only the capacity to the holes, and the concern of a cervix taking up room in a cup (my cervix is almost unreachable, it does NOT take up the entire other 7.5 ml of space in my cup!). It also matters what angle your vagina is. Because the cup doesn't sit straight up and down inside us... so the true capacity is the amount a cup can hold up to the holes while tilted at a 30 degree angle!

given this information, I wonder if any cups will eventually be made with holes on only 1/2 of their circumference? I wish there were a safe way to plug up 1/2 the holes, but I'm not putting any glue/etc on something I'm putting inside my body, no way :)

So what do you think, could this be the answer to leaky 1/2 full cups as opposed to it always being cervix or position?
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