LostShakrOfNaCl (track_star27) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Lunette Troubles

Hi everyone!  This is my first real post here, I've been lurking for several months now. 

I just got my Lunette Selene in the mail about a week ago or so.  I decided to give it a dry run.  Before my Selene,  I used a small OrangeCup for a few cycles and I LOVE it!  I bought the small Lunette because I wanted a small cup with a higher capacity for my heavy day, just to ease my mind.  I learned so much already from using the LadyCup.  Apparently, I'm really not that heavy.  On my heaviest day two cycles ago, I went 9 hours without emptying and I was just shocked.  I get very paranoid of leaking, probably since I converted from only disposable pads to cups. 

So, the dry run was unsuccessful to say the least.  I used the 7 fold like I do with my OrangeCup and I put it in fine.  It refused to pop open and suction no matter what I did.  In fact, I think it even flipped upside down, making removal reeeeally difficult.  Maybe I just need to practice a little more, or maybe I need a new fold.  (I have seen Melissa's video on youtube.)  I was wondering if you ladies would be able to help me out.  (Just in case you need to know, I'm a 17 year old virgin)  Thank you so much!  =] 

Tags: dry run, lunette selene, teething troubles

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