December 30th, 2010


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 I am so excited! I just got my glitter MeLuna and they sent me a purple one too! Purple is my favorite color. ^_^

Here is a photo so you can see the size differences. I am really glad I decided to order the medium and not the small. The medium already looks so little to me!

Large Klassik MeLuna, Small Divacup, Medium Soft MeLuna

I have had the diva about 8 months and it works wonderfully for me. When I saw the glitter Meluna I couldn't resist. I just had my period so I will have to wait a month to see how the MeLuna cups work for me. 

FS: Meluna Softcup, Divacup, Fleurcup

I am dying to get a new Meluna glittercup so I am trying to sell some of my other cups.

These are the cups, and the prices include shipping:

Small blue Meluna Softcup, no stem (I cut it off), used only at the end of one cycle - $15

Small Divacup, stem cut all the way off, used for two cycles - $15

Large blue Fleurcup, stem cut all the way off, used for two cycles - $20

You can pm me or comment on this, or send me an email at (a r i e l d e a r @ g m a i l . c o m) if you are interested! Thanks!

Colored Menstrual Cups!

My boyfriend wants to know, Why does color matter to some people when it comes to menstrual cups? I have tried explaining to him my reasons for wanting to own a colored menstrual cup over a non-colored menstrual cup, but he still does not understand. Thank you in advance to anyone that has the time to respond to this post and help shed some light on this topic. I cannot be alone in preferring certain colors over others even though I am the only one that is going to see this product.