December 29th, 2010

Meluna trade?

Hello all,

I've been lurking for a few months since I started with the whole cup business.  Thanks for all of the awesome info!

Down to business: my meluna order came in the mail today, and the sample they sent me was a large, which is just far, far too big for a small person with a very light flow.  Does anyone have a new/newish meluna, small or medium, in any stem style, that they'd like to trade?

The cup I have that I'm trying to get rid of is a large blue klassik, ring style, never used.  I'd be happy to ship anywhere in the US.

Diva Cup Removal w/o Stem

First off, I would like to thank everyone for their informative answers to other women; I was on the verge of giving up due to leaking issues, but I took someone's advice to turn the Diva Cup inside out, and that in addition to a slight change in insertion method = NO LEAKS!!  I was stoked.  I had been trying in vain on and off for years, but now I'm a believer so long as I continue to have success.  :p

Now, onto the part I'm less stoked about: I have been unable to remove the cup inside out.  I've succeeded in breaking the seal by reaching my middle finger up and crushing the cup from the side, but I can't get both a finger and thumb around the base of the cup, and the cup is slippery and keeps evading me.  Kegels only gets the base so far down--not to my vaginal opening.  I'm not panicking yet, but it seems like the next logical step.

Any help would be appreciated!  Thank you in advance!  :D

Blue Ladycup for sale

I have a blue lady cup that was used about 2 times still has some stem attached to it, but all these cups are doing me no use now since i don't have a period anymore so i wanna sale this one, it's a size small. Take it away, for $20 shipped.

paypal only please! feedback on ebay under lovexbecca


Soaking methods for insteads

I've been using insteads a lot lately, and I was wondering how I should clean a cup for reuse after a cycle. I feel bad throwing them away... I tried my usual method for my other cups -- swabbing it with alcohol, and it still felt slimy and I couldn't get gunk out of the crevasses. So I think I'll probably have to soak it to get it clean. What are all the soaking solutions you can use for cups? Or does anyone else have a different method they use?

EDIT: I guess I'll just stick to one cup per cycle. And I'll look into getting a diaphragm to use instead. No pun intended!! :)