December 26th, 2010

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Update to this post about my first non-hbc period expections:

In tracking my body temps. through FAM, I have made a personal medical discovery.  I have Wilson's Temperature Syndrome.  I run a half to a whole degree too cold on a daily basis. My thyroid has been tested normal before.  We suspected a hypothalamus disorder, and now I now what it is.   After having read the website for WTS, I can't wait until I can afford to be treated and get rid of the symptoms, including evil periods!

I would have never known had I not been tracking my temperature daily.

Me as of January 2012

Interesting first-time experience.

Not mine! I'm not exactly a cup veteran - it's only been a bit more than a year - but my Diva changed my life and I adore it, and I've never had any problems. I try not to be too much of an evangelist, but if anyone shows any interest at all I talk their ears off on the subject.

No, this was my girlfriend's first cup experience, which I was rather intimately involved in. I know this community tends to be pretty matter-of-fact about all things anatomical and menstrual, and this story was just too... strange? Interesting? Not to share. Collapse )

So now - I'm going to get her a cup as a gift. I really do love my Diva and it worked for her, so I'm considering just getting her the smaller Diva. Barring that, one of the other silicone ones, I think? We're fans of silicone in general anyway. She's smaller than I am but not that small - the Diva's length didn't seem to be a problem for her. Her cervix is just reachable normally and drops a bit during her period but not that far - it's still pretty deep. (Mine is way the hell back there, personally.) Girth is more of a problem for her, but a too-narrow cup is more likely to shift and leak. Likewise a softer cup, I think? I'm tempted to get her both a small Diva and another cup - any suggestions?

I'll also get her some cloth pads... I don't use them because I prefer my cup even on very light days and it's never leaked. I can't tell I'm wearing it at all, so wearing it a bit extra is no problem. But she might prefer to have them as backup or for light days.

I'm excited... and amused. I wonder if anyone else has had this experience? I realize you kind of have to be lesbians, which cuts down on the possibilities. But I think it was a good introduction. And we're still giggling about it.
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Three Used Cups for Sale! (Meluna Klassik & Soft, Keeper)

I'm selling three cups:

  1. Meluna Klassik, green, size S, ball stem, used 1 day -- US $15, including international shipping SOLD!

  2. Meluna Soft, pink, size S, ball stem, used 1.5 days -- US $15, including international shipping SOLD!

  3. original Keeper, small size, stem cut to about half an inch/1.2cm, used for about 5 days -- US $25, including international shipping

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All have been washed with hot, soapy water and then boiled after use and come with original Meluna/Keeper pouch (see picture), but without instruction leaflet.

I accept Paypal. No trades.

Larger meluna w ring or maybe large yuuki ?

I have now been a somewhat happy user of my medium Meluna with regular stem for 3 full periods and I have tried to read and learn from both this and some other sites. I know I will have to be patient but I have already concluded some things about me and my use of a menstrual cup. For starters info on me : 32 year old , 1 child vaginal birth 10 years ago, normal to none sexual activity, no birthcontrol whatsoever, ..if any info for answering is missing, feel free to ask :)

When I bought my meluna medium they included a free sample small meluna no-stem. I tried it a couple of time but it is simply too small and almost impossible for me to get hold of again - too much struggle and too little capacity. So I was better of with my medium meluna , easier to grip at most times.  This means I can totally rule out ever getting anything without a stem as it most days will travel too much up for reaching in  comfortable way.

On other days like so many of you wrote my cervix will be pretty low and also filling the meluna up - this means no room for the blood . This again means that I can never use a small of any brand , I would have to use atleast medium.

After these conslusions this leads me to my questions conserning my next cup buy :
I want to go for a larger this time , I think meluna is a safe bet for me so I would try a meluna ring stem , as it's suppose to be an even better grip -  can someone who has tried normal stem vs ring stem confirm this for me ??

Also I would like to know how the experience is for other women who have tried one  ANY brand medium and then changed to yuuki large ? I can see it is the largest on the market - my concerns are on if it is worth getting when I'm focusing on the suction, travelling and low cervix (inside the cup) issues I have.
with the large yuuki it would ofcourse be a "normal" stem ..I wonder how firm the grip is on these .. just extra security for me :)