December 24th, 2010


Squished! and biodegradability question

 So I got my period with my usual surprise today. I guess I could start calendaring, but I am too lazy. Anyways when I put my diva in, it popped open fine, but it was very squished. I went about my business and then about four hours later I was leaking! (I usually change my cup every 10-16 hours.) My hypothesis is that the cup was too squished inside me. What do you think? Should I switch to a shorter cup? I was very happy to use my cloth liners during this period though. :) They have flamingos on them.

Secondly, today I took a leap of faith and asked another friend, "Do you know what a menstrual cup is?" This way I can play it off like I don't have one if they don't think it's cool. And that was a good idea because she wasn't... lol *sigh* But she brought up a good point in defense of them being pretty level-headed. Are tampons/pads biodegradable?  I thought I would ask here.

Edit: I just changed my cup again, and felt a bit of pain while I was trying to do no. 2 so I figured I better take it out. It had slid down and started leaking and was only half full once I got it out, although I must say a lot leaked during removal. Also my menstrual fluid is sooo mucousy... at least it's easy to clean up. I checked my cervix and it is facing one of my vaginal walls, so that might have something to do with it. It is settling very high, so I don't understand why it's so squished. It's already cleared my pubic bone. Anyways I am definitely trying my softer smaller lunette tomorrow or an instead.

And I'm glad to know tampons and pads are NOT very biodegradable. I shall work on my friend whose mom is a OBGYN coincidentally. I'll ask her too. :)
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First try!

  I just tried my small lunnete for the first time today! Mostly it went great so far no leaks and getting it in and out was not a problem but for some reason when its in I get cramps whhich i dont usualy get when im on my period also the stem is completely poking out and today (first day of period) i can barely reach my cervix with my finger. I would appreciate if anyone could tell me how to get the cup to sit higher (if that would help)? Another thing is that when its in it feels weirdly like i have to poop (it feels like this is what is causing the cramps)?  could these problems go away as i learn to use my cup?  any advice is appreciated!

Another reason to love menstrual cups

I may end up homeless soon, so I'm thankful I bought my Lunette when I did. I'm so glad I'm not going to have to worry about being able to buy disposables each month...I have enough to worry about.
(Don't worry too much, at longest it should only be three months before I have a roof over my head again.)

Edit: Thanks everyone. Today's been a good day =)