December 21st, 2010

Recent Meluna Orders

For those of you who have recently ordered directly from the Meluna comany from their webshop:

Where are you and how long did your package take to get to you?

I live in Hawaii where everything takes forever to get Im not worried my package is late...Im just really impatient for my glittery cup to get here! :D

Happy Holidays!

EDIT: Cup came in the mail today...Just in time for christmas. The cup, and its bonus buddy got here surprisingly fast. Ordered on the 9th, here on the 24th. Two weeks is not bad for Germany->Hawaii

The extra cup meluna threw in is a duplicate of a cup I already have... A small red ball stem Klassic    it may be for sale on here in a few days FYI


I had a small Lunette and I was leaking A LOT so after reading on here for a while I realized it was too small so I bought a large Fleur cup.  I'm still leaking and I tried everything, different folds, letting air in, putting the cup in the right position, etc.  Help? :(