December 19th, 2010


Found my cervix!!!

I've been a yuuki user for almost a year, and I'm super excited because I started my period today and I happened to try one more time to feel for my cervix, and I FOUND IT!! I always thought it was too far away for me to reach, especially since my cup sits really high, but I think I may have felt it before and just not realized because I had a familiar slightly uncomfortable sensation when I touched it. This is very exciting, not really sure why, but I always felt a little odd not knowing where it was in relation to my cup.
One thing that I thought was odd- it felt really soft, except for a little hard spot, super tiny as if something was poking out maybe. Has anyone had any experience with this? I'm sure nothing's wrong, just curious. I have a gyno appt tomorrow so I might bring it up there.

Can't Get it Out!

 I just got a large Lunette, and being impatient like I am, I decided to try it out.  Once I figured out how to hold it, insertion went mostly alright with a punchdown fold, even though it did hurt a little.  Now I've been trying to get it out.  I think I mostly have been having trouble breaking the suction.  I haven't heard a squelchy sound that everyone talks about.  Earlier, I managed to grab the stem and get it about half way out, but it hurt so much all of a sudden that I accidently let go, so I'm not having trouble getting a good grip.  I've squeezed the base, squeezed the middle, stuck my finger up to the rim, and I still can't seem to get the suction to loosen up.  Help?

Trying to buy a Fleurcup

Fleurcup is having a sale on their black and clear cups!

My problem is the main page of Fleurcup can be translated into English but the checkout process cannot be translated.  No no,  the the checkout process is in French.  *Sigh*  Spanish, German, I'm okay with but French... no.

Possibly because of the language barrier I don't know if they ship to the USA.

Does anyone know if Fluercup ships to the USA?

*Note*  I do not have a Paypal.  I have a credit card.

My first cup was so easy to buy!!  Although it was a Keeper Moon Cup... and everything is in English.