December 17th, 2010

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I'm trying out a cup because it seemed my only choice once they took OB Ultra off the market.iva Cup in the mail yesterday, and I didn't really have trouble inserting it after watching several videos on folds and insertions, but now I'm in real trouble. I'm typing this from my living room because I had to stay home from work today. I can't get it out! I slept with it in last night, filled it and woke up with leaking. When I tried to remove it, I had a helluva time. Took about a half an hour to get it out. I was thinking that there is a learning curve and I'll get used to it, so I put it back in. Now it is stuck. I've tried repeatedly and I'm starting to panic. Has anyone ever actually had to go to the doctor to have it removed?

I can barely touch the tip of the cup I have to really work to get my finger AND my thumb on it and then it is too slippery to hold. I tried using my finger nails on the ridges, but that doesn't work and now I have painful scratches. I'm bearing down and reaching as high as I can. Seems like it's just getting farther up there. I've tried toilet and standing with my leg propped up. I have back problems which makes this whole process extra painful.

Now I'm leaking around this thing so It's insult added to injury. If I wanted an uncomfortable, leaking option, I'd have settled for a different tampon. At least I could remove it.
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I <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 My Cup!

It's been about 5 or 6 years since I started using a cup, and today I had one of those "man, I really, really love my cup" moments. I'm writing because I know that there are always new kids passing through the community that might need a bit of encouragement.

Yesterday afternoon I noticed the first sign of color indicating that my period was about to start early... except that when I got home, still no flow... when I went to bed, still no flow... and when I woke up, still no flow. I figured I was just being silly, and wasn't actually starting my period at all.

Still, I today was a very special event (the swearing-in ceremony for a new group of Peace Corps Volunteers... they ggrow up so fast *tear*). So I figured, why not stick in my cup, just in case. I went all day, didn't think about my cup or my period once. When I got home, checked on my cup, and sure enough I had started my period at some point during the day.

Bottom line... if I were using tampons there's no way I could have stuck one in "just in case". I would have been checking up, paranoid, all day. And of course I could have used a pad, but I would have been uncomfortable all day. Because of my cup, I didn't think about my period from the time I left my house until the time I got home :)