December 16th, 2010

New Diva User, Difficulties and Tips

I am a nurse so Im really shocked that I have never heard of menstrual cups before. I have used tampons for years and I have been relatively happy with using them, no problems with cramps, infections or the like. I discovered menstrual cups while cruising online. I totally loved the idea so I ordered a Diva Cup. I am not actually a green person but loved the idea of saving money by not having to by tampons anymore. Saving the environment is just an added bonus for me. When I got it in the mail I immediately gave it a dry run. Here is a numbered list of the difficulties I experienced and tips I think can be useful for newbies.

1. I usually stand up to insert tampons comfortably, but didnt work with diva cup, had to sit down on toilet. Keep an open mind and try different positions for insertion.
2. Just relax and practice gently, dont try to jam it up there, take your time.
3. I practiced with different (complicated) folds, but the good ole U shape worked best for me. So practice with different folds, and stop when u have discomfort. Its not the end of the world if you dont get the hang of it right away. Give it time.
4. After reading on website that diva cup should ride low, I tried to keep it away from cervix but found that pushing it in as close to cervix worked better for me. Now I really cant feel it at all. When I tried to wear it low I could feel it poking me even though I already had completely trimmed the stem off.
5. It can be messy, (TMI) with discharge on fingers. I find it easy to carry a baby wipe with me during change time.
6. Removal hurt at first because I was rushing. With practice, I can feel when suction breaks and I gently rock it out. Easy. Just relax and dont rush. Be gentle with your girly parts.
7. I feel like I could push the cup back a mile, but I dont have trouble reaching it, so being able to reach it has not been an issue with me.
8. My anatomy is weird, I think my cervix might face more to the left, (if that makes sense) so I have to angle it more to the right to get it to ride correctly without me feeling it.
9. I have had no problem with it popping open and creating suction. I have found that you can feel (and hear a suction cup sound sometimes) when it opens. (The suction is pretty strong and can cause a cramping feeling at first) I have found that I let it pop open pretty low and then push it back as far and tilted back towards tailbone as possible, give it a good twist and its in. Yeay! Stand up and give a good strong kegel. If i feel something, I patiently try to readjust without removal and if that doesnt work I just take it out and try again. If I dont feel it, Im on my way!
10. I work sitting for extended periods and I find that it makes the Diva shift to an uncomfortable position sometimes. Bending over can also make me "feel something". Sometimes this can be fixed with a good strong kegel, if not, just go to bathroom and readjust. I dont even take it out, I just check suction and twist and adjust until I cant feel anything when I stand up. If that doesnt work, I remove and reinsert, the trick is just relax and take your time. With practice the process gets faster and faster. Just like anything else, when your learning something new it is better to take your time and learn it right, as opposed to rushing and being discouraged when It doesnt ever work.
11. Never had any leaking issues. I have been lucky.

I already love my Diva cup, and after patience and practice I got it in without leaks and without discomfort or "feeling something". My best advice is read other tips, and practice for find what works best for you. Everyone is different. Dont take anyones tips or the Diva Instructions as an be all end all. If you have to do it different, but get great results, so what? I guarantee it will work after practice. Give it time.

cervix & cup issues..........

I've been using a cup since the 90's, I could only get a DIVA OR Keeper back then. I chose the Diva-lg. I've not been without ISSUES! Which is how I found this forum:-) Well, I'm STILL having ISSUES!!

I,too, have times my cup just WILL NOT cooperate!! Leaks, some times horribly! Some times it seems to just NOT fit!! I have a low-rider cervix w/an IUD, SO I am careful. Anyhoo, I'm now using a FLEUR-lg. I've also used a Ladycup-lg. I switched from the Diva due to length, going w/the shorter LC. I moved to the fleur due to capacity, the holes one the LC plus my cervix sitting in it just was not holding my flow.

All that to ASK there a way to keep the cervix from sitting in the cup??

If I could figure this out I'd be much HAPPIER............I think:-) Maybe I should try to design this.....It seems to me if my cervix didn't sit in the cup then A-the cup would hold more flow, B-the cup would NOT have to be removed/emptied as OFTEN, C-the cup holes wouldn't get clogged as much/fast, D-the cup would stay in place better/Not riding up.

What do you think? Is there a cup out there that fits this bill?? Or can you suggest a cup that would suit me BETTER than the ones I've chosen???????

Thanks in Advance
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Scared Cervix

I had my new IUD put in on Tuesday. I asked the doctor about using my cup right away & she didn't think there'd be a problem... she gave the IUD a good tug to make sure it was in the right spot, opened up & secure. This is my 3rd IUD so I'm pretty sure expulsion's not an issue for me.


Normally my cervix is super low during my period, I can *just* get my small Lunette (minus stem) in... sometime with much jiggling! I think the insertion of my IUD scared my cervix... for starters it for the doctor when it came to the insertion itself & now it's retreated to its normal non-period high mark! It's making for easier insertion... I don't expect it to last.

Glittery MeLuna and Inspired by Nature Ladycup!

Just like ninjafruit the other day, I got my MeLuna Soft in the mail today and along with the large cyan ring stem I had ordered, a small glittery blue cup was included! Honestly, at first I wasn't sure what color it was, as in my bedroom it seemed like a light gray, but in my bathroom light it definitely had a very pale blue, almost teal-green tint to it. I'm kind of disappointed that the color is so slight--the glitter is a cool idea, but I don't think I'd buy one unless the glitter is either multicolored (rainbow!) or the actual cup color is much stronger, like the MeLuna colors usually are.

Also, last week I got my large "Inspired by Nature" colored Ladycup. I haven't seen any pictures of that particular color up here yet, so I posted a couple below as well. The color is hard to describe--when I took it out of its package, my husband exclaimed, "It's half a lemon!" And later I was reaching for a tub of Vaseline and realized that the cup is almost exactly the same if it's hard to tell from the pictures, the cup is pretty much the same color and transparency as Vaseline, ha ha!

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stalls.... ugh

hi :)! haven't posted in a while. all the time I have been a member to this community this question has never really been answered for me and recently became an issue again.
I would like to know how many of you have to wash their hands/cup off right away after taking it out because there is blood on them. I sure do, especially when my cup is full. But recently, its been hard because I have heavy periods and are sometimes forced to empty-reinsert at school (even though I use a large MeLuna -_-) I have been practicing to take it out with the least mess possible in the shower, but it is unavoidable sometimes at least I think so. messless removal?
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Calling all cup experts

 I am in the market for a new cup. I have had the small diva and wasn't happy with it (lots of leaking and not popping open) so I bought a large Lunette. For the most part I love it. It solved my leaking issues and it pops open beautifully. I have a low cervix; I can easily find it on my period with a finger  and I'm pretty sure it sits in my Lunette which is fine and dandy with me. The thing's huge which I like for my heavy days but I'm looking for something smaller for those light days or where you just won't stop spotting that old blood. I was looking at the MeLuna but ruled it out because of the TPE. Now I'm looking at the yukki but am unsure of sizes. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what cup I should be looking at?

Thanks so much!