December 12th, 2010

Two Cup Giveaways - Merry Christmas!

I’m having  2 Christmas Cup Giveaways!  One for Lunette, one for Soft Meluna.  Rules:   You may enter both contests if you wish, but only one guess per contest, per person.  Pleas specify your guesses.  Also, we will make sure there are 2 winners.  So if you so happen to win both, I will send you the cup you prefer the most, and the other will go to the first person who guessed the same as you on the other cup, or very close.  I will cover the shipping cost.  If nobody wins, I will award a cup to the closest guesses.

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"Cup Inside" Panties Finals

I'm excited to see that there is as much interest for a pair of panties that say "Cup Inside" as there are. Yay! Looks like we can actually get a group buy together so that these can happen rather than just being an idea.

The initial round of voting helped narrow the color combination down to three choices. I now ask your help in picking a winning color combination. Collapse )

The price (depending on style may be + or -) looks to be around $10 per pair, including shipping. If you are interested or potentially interested in snagging a pair for yourself, please help make a decision on the style of undergarment by voting in this poll.

Thanks all!
  • mlnh

Soft Meluna, small.

How is the rim?

I have been thinking of buying this sometime, but after looking at some photos I am concerned if the rim is to big for me?
Which cups does it compare to? (I use a small Lunette, and have just gotten a small Lady Cup I have yet to try out)
The first cup I bought I had to stop using cause I found the rim uncomfortable, and I would like to avoid having another unused cup laying in my drawer.