December 11th, 2010


"Cup Inside" Panties

I am new to this community but not new to the world of menstrual cups. If you can believe it, I've actually been lurking in this comm on and off since I got my Diva, six years ago.

Today I started to attack the archives because I have been converting my new roommate to the wide world of cups. (I have success with one roommate already!)

Anyway, I ran across this post where there was a discussion about having a pair of panties with "Cup Inside" written on them. Though the post is over a year old, I remembered seeing a design-your-own site that does panties.

Just for funsies, I threw together a logo that doesn't infringe anyone's trademark, copyright, etc., and found a screen printing shop that prints on panties. They have a minimum order of 25.

Do you think we can get enough interest? Because I would LOVE to sport a pair with this logo during my "shark week".

Color Choices
Also, vote for your favorite color combination here even if you don't want/cannot use the panties because it has to be narrowed down and I love them all.

The style isn't set in stone! By popular request, I have create another poll to pick the style. All of these styles have a black, red, and white so the color combinations still stand.

getting a new cup dont need old ones and I have too many !

I want a special edition meluna but I cannot justify it as I have lots of cups so i'd  like to sell some on then buy it. All these cups are less than a year old and have been scarcely used

I have

Small lunette green diana with no stem  new price £26 looking for £18 with pouch      
Small diva with no stem (used for one cycle) new price £25 looking for £18 with pouch
Small yuuki with no stem (used for one cycle again) new price £17 looking for £14 with box 
Large orange glossy meluna klassik ball never used no pouch looking for £12 

Cyan medium ring style meluna soft (used for one cycle) new price £13.50 looking for £12 with pouch 
Small MCUK with no stem new price £17 looking for £9 with pouch - perfect for anyone with a small budget who wants to try a cup!
Red small original klassik meluna ball new price £13.50 looking for £12 with pouch

Im in the UK (UK shipping included in price) worldwide will be about  $4 $5 (this covers the stamp and money lost during conversion) if you pay in GBP then shipping worldwide is £2 
Prices exclude paypal fees
Open to offers (dont be silly though!) 
Pictures on request 

cups in red still available updated  18/12/10 (12/18/10 for you US lot)

These cups are on a highest offer wins and whoever pays first basis not first come first served

Introducing myself and my cup...

Hi, I've been lurking for a while but I just received my lovely Small Turquoise LadyCup two days ago and I'm ready to jump into the menstrual cup bandwagon!!

Collapse )
So far I've only done dry runs and it's fantastic. I will have to cut some of the stem off because I can feel it, but the rest of the cup feels like it's not even there. I'm only having trouble trying to remove it, but I know it's part of the learning curve :)
I've also noticed that the suction holes get covered up quite quickly with my discharge, but they're easy to clean. Just a bit of water and then I squeeze them - brand new.
My period is scheduled to come early next week, so I'll let you all know how it goes.

Any teens use a large cup?

So I'm 17 and I'm small, like 5' 1" and 100lbs anyways but I have a sm yuuki and I'm getting a sm fleur but I want to try a large cup for night or just in general but I don't want to, well I don't know, stretch me out down there. I don't want it to hurt either. Does anyone who doesn't fit in the cup description for large cup users, like 30 or had kids, that use a large cup.