December 10th, 2010

Not sure why it's leaking...

This is my first cycle using a Diva Cup size 1. I was doing great until my period started getting heavy, and now it's leaking pretty bad. I'm still trying to get the hang of positioning... The cup seems to leak around the time it hits the 7.5 ml mark, which I read could be a sign of a low cervix. I'm also wondering since I am 29, if I shouldn't go up a size. (I've never had kids)

Or should I just try it a few more cycles and see if I get the hang of things? The leaking is pretty annoying.

I found my cervix and it does seem to be pretty low, but half of the time I'm so concerned about just getting it in and getting it to pop open, that I'm not sure if I have it properly positioned. I'm also not sure how to tell if my cervix is taking up room in the cup, and wouldn't that mean I need a bigger size?

I guess I'll start looking in the forums and see what cups are recommended for a low cervix... The size chart is a little overwhelming for me. :-P

Any suggestions you can give me are appreciated... If there are any clues I can look for to narrow down what the leak might be caused by... I'm a little reluctant to go looking for another cup, even though I have a feeling maybe that's what I need to do.

The information you all have given me is really helpful! I think I'm starting to get the hang of things, and I'm really excited! :-P I'm glad I have this forum to come to, since I'm sure my friends are a little tired of hearing me talk about my new discoveries. My husband sees me on the forum looking stuff up all the time, and I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm crazy. :-D

Softcups vs. DivaCup

I loved my DivaCup when I first started to use it. But than it started to leak on me and we all know how that goes. I thought I'd made a mistake when inserting it so I took it out and tried again. I got fed up after repeated tries and decided I was going to try another cup. That's when I came across the Instead Softcups. I figured they were worth a try since they were less expensive. I read all I could and than found the closest CVS that sold them and off I went to buy them.

Well, again here I am sitting with this new cup in my hands, thinking it might just be easier to go back to pads. No way! I am not doing that. I won that argument with myself. Thankfully! :)

Well, day 4 of my Moonflow as I call it and I am trying something new again. Here we go.  Wow! So simple to insert. Goes in with no issue at all. Dayum! Why didn't I try this before?? Maybe it was so simple because when my children were babies I nursed them and so used a diaphragm? Whatever the reason I am absolutely delighted!
I must say, I am much happier about the ease with which this goes in. No leaks at all. No issue to remove. There was no mess for me when I removed it. Though for precautionary steps I removed it over the toilet just in case. I also kept the little purple pouch it comes in so that when I was done with it, I could put it back in there and toss it out. No fuss. No mess.

I do not think I will reuse them. The Softcup is designed to be used for 12 hours. I think what I will do on heavy days is remove it after 6 hours and rinse it than reinsert it for another 6 hours. Than I will toss it.

I still do not understand exactly why my DivaCup began to leak. I did not have it all that long. I will not toss it though. I am planning to keep it just in case I run out of the Softcups or I am in the process of waiting for them to be delivered.

I am very active with running and cycling. So this is something that is a huge plus for me. I also love the idea that when I am at work I don't have to worry about leaks or someone covering for me in a meeting so that I can race down the hall in front of the "flood" and change. Finally! The freedom to do what I want when I want without worry!