December 9th, 2010

Cups For Sale/Trade

Hi everyone!
Feeling a bit like Goldilocks; I just ordered a new special edition Meluna :D   I won't exactly need my others once it arrives. I suspect the shipping on the new cup will take about three weeks, So these two should be available around New Years

Medium Klassik Orange Ball-stem, blue pouch and instructions, Used ( two periods) BOILED
$15 including shipping within the USA

Small Divacup no stem, pouch and instructions, Used (one period) BOILED
$17.50 including shipping within the USA

Paypal please, or possibly trades for small cups :) ...Goldilocks right?

Newbie, and desperately need help!

After reading this site, I decided to try a cup. I have a mirena (in for the past 14 months) so I decided to go with the small lunette since it said it was safe. I didn't cut my strings since they were mostly curled up. I got my period Sunday, shortly after it arrived and decided to try it out. Other than my concerns with removal and the IUD, it is AWESOME. I have been getting it in pretty well, but having some trouble breaking the suction. Each time I try to reach up as high as I can and push in, then slowly remove it. It still seems like there is some suction when I remove it all the way. Each time I have removed it, I have checked my strings- I am a bit paranoid. When I took it out this morning, it came out the same way it has, but when I went to check, the string seems thicker/coarser near my servix and there is a definite kink in it that is new. I have an appointment this afternoon with the nurse practicioner in my gyn's office (I couldn't get in with him).

If it's still in fine, my plan is to ask her to cut the strings, hope they don't poke my husband, and then decide whether to continue with the cup or not.

If it's out of place and has to be removed, I will ask for the copper iud, since I have a lot of side effects with mirena (but hasn't been quite bad enough to change otherwise). My concern is with having heavier periods, I really want to use the cup on one hand, but on the other, it is extremely painful going in, and I hate the adjustment period, and am super concerned that if this happens shortly after sex, I could wind up pregnant. This would be AWFUL, and I don't want to risk that.

Other background: my only birth control options are mirena and the copper iud. I plan to have the IUD for about two more years, then have 2 kids, then hopefully my husband will have a vasectomy and I can use the cup worry-free.


If you're short, do you need a size 1 Lunette?

First, thank you so much for all your posts and faqs!  This posts from this community was so incredibly helpful for me when I was trying to decide which cup to get. 

A little background: I am barely 5'1", weigh about 125 (still working off the baby weight--and she's 2), and I have had four children delivered vaginally.  My periods can be pretty heavy for about a day (going through OB ultras every four-six hours).  I did lots of research and checked the cup lengths.  The lunette seemed to be the shortest of the large cups I could easily get here in the US.  Based on these factors, I ordered the Lunette size 2.  

I received my Lunette today, just in time for my period!  I boiled it and then headed to the bathroom.  I inserted it with no problem (the "pop" as it unfolded made me laugh).   I immediately took it back out and trimmed off the stem.  Is there really anyone who can stand stems?  Ouchie pokie.  I reinserted it and the tip still poked out.  I grasped the the tip and gently pushed the cup up closer to my cervix.  The tip is still right at my vaginal opening; it's not awful, but I can definitely feel it.  It just feels too big!  I can also feel the cup bumping around my cervix.  Now I'm wondering if because of my short height, if I should have ordered the size 1.

I would greatly appreciate your help and comments.  Thank you!


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Newbie here!!

I have finally received my Yuuki large cup and I have to say I am in love!!!  Inserting has been a little challenging, not being able to get it to pop and all but I have found ways to fix that.  Now the only problem is, is trying to get it out.  My cup moves its way up throughout the day and even though I push down like im having a bowel movement it only comes down so far.  Far enough for me to get a grip on the stem and bottom of cup but not far enough for me to be able to reach the rim of the cup.  I tried pinching the bottom but it doesn't work so I try rocking the cup back and forth and this works but its time consuming and a bit painful.   I can't imagine my friends waiting for me outside the washroom as I take my time to rock my cup LOL....I've even tried put my finger up and running it along the sides or trying to push on one side so that it breaks the seal..but no go..Please help.

PS.  My vaginal opening is very itchy after using the this normal?  I had to cup the stem cause it was poking me and its better now but the opening is still itchy.

Help! My fleurcup keeps sliding up until it's pressing my uterus

Hey guys, please, help me!

I moved to menstrual cups more for eco-friendly concerns,  since I never really had problems with my period, this was just good for me: low flow, not more then 2-3 days and no menstrual cramps... Until now!! I just wanted to try something less damaging to my body than pads - that I really hate - and to our planet, and the idea of creating a more intimate connection with my body amused me from the very beginning. That's the reason I bought my cup.

I have recently got a small Fleurcup and I really can't get it to work properly! I see lots of stories about problems inserting and removing the cups but nothing on problems with pain during use, real heavy menstrual cramps, something that I have never experienced before trying it.

To insert and to remove my cup go considerably easy comparing to other stories, the Fleurcup seems very flexible. It leaks a little, but I think it does that more because I'm trying to make it feel more comfortable by moving, removing and putting it back than any other reason. However, using it has showed itself very painfull! I can feel the cup during the hole day, It not just annoys me, but causes me cramps, sufficient to keep me home!! This is desperating and frustrating!!

In the beginning I thought the problem was the stem, so I tried cutting it a little, which worked better, but I still can feel it. This is just annoying, but I could live with that. However, the stronger pain comes in, something like uterus cramp which stays for hours, days... I'm just now on bed, reading many testimonials and feeling very sad for having to use pads again after suffering the strongest pains ever during the hole day.

I read that the cup was suppose to be positioned lower than the tampon position. I try positioning it with its bottom 1 cm over the entrance of the vagina, as they say in the guide, but in a few minutes or so, it starts sliding upwards. One could say it is 'finding its better position', but is goes further until it hits my uterus which is quite painful. I can barely reach it to remove since this is so far up, and it is usually painful. I try to reposition it many times and even ignore it, thinking I'm just being neurotic or so, but I can't do it anymore after one, one and a half day of suffering. And the menstrual cramps remain longer. 

Does anyone have any ideas on why it doesn't stay in place and it is causing me this horroble pains? Is it supposed to stay close to the opening of the vagina?

Thank you!