December 5th, 2010

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This or That?

I finally decided to take the plunge and buy a cup! *hold applause* After only a year of wearing tampons, I'm so sick of stomach aches. 9_9

I've narrowed my choices down to a Ladycup or a soft Meluna. This is where I need your excellent brand comparison advice! I'll be finding out my size very soon, but wanted to get comparisons long before I order in a week to allow me time to think about everything.

What's your experience with shipping? I've never ordered from out of the country. I'm not sure about shipping time. Do both of these companies accept US $?

If you have tried BOTH of these brands, what can you tell me about their differences?

For a beginner, which is easer? Soft or Klassik Meluna? I read the soft kind was easier to insert and that may be what I'd like to have, but I may be surprised.

First time user! Removal problems?

 Hi there. 
I am a 16 year old virgin (which i thought might pose some problems, but it didn't), and I just started using a small divacup today (which looked dauntingly big when i got it). I've had my period for 3 years now though and I've always used really large tampons and pads at the same time because i have, as my mom says, "quite a healthy flow". anyway this was all getting really annoying, and i wasn't happy with how much waste i was creating either. i also live in a dorm so we have a community bathroom, keep that in mind. 

today i started using the divacup. insertion went well. i used the U-fold, and it was fine. 
however, i took me forever to remove it and i also freaked out and thought i'd have to go down to the health center and they'd have to do it for me, which would be humiliating and also disgusting. 
basically the problem was that i could barely reach the stem, let alone break the suction, and i couldn't get a good grip on it anyway. I ended finally being able to grasp the stem and then just wiggling it and not breaking the suction until it was out, which was painful. it seemed like it was farther up than it was supposed to be, and i couldn't feel it whatsoever when it was in, and the two things i am wondering are: 

- am i putting it too far up? i don't think it initially WAS that far up--is there any possibility it rose up while i walked around or something? the thing is, if i put it lower, i think i'll be able to feel it. 
- is there an easy way to break the suction while it's in?

i also have a tip--if you need to empty divacup and also need to take a shower, empty it in the shower. you can just pour the contents down the drain, rinse/wash the cup, and stick it back in. 

another short side note--the cup worked great when it was in. i had no leakage, even though i wore a precautionary pad just in case, and i am determined to make this work. i play lots of sports, live in a dorm, and go camping all the time--this would change everything!

switched Keeper to Diva

Hi menstrual cup comm!  I posted a couple months back about possibly developing a latex allergy from my Keeper.  Well, I bought a Divacup on Amazon, which qualified the rest of my super-heavy order for free shipping, woohoo!  ;)  My Keeper is a size B, but I got the size A Diva because I wanted the extra capacity, and I'm also nearing the magical vagina-enlarging age of 30 (j/k... I really don't think my vag is any different, but it has learned to be more accommodating!)

Anyway, I haven't had any of the stinging/itching issues that I've had for my past couple periods, so I guess the Keeper really was the problem.  And I loooove the Diva, despite its goofy name.  I wish I had switched years sooner.  I can actually see stuff, which is so helpful with cleaning.  The Diva's holes are cleanable, unlike the Keeper's pinprick holes.  Insertion is much more comfortable, and I was able to get it positioned perfectly on my second try, and every time since then.  Basically this thing is great!  Thanks for all your help!

Now I just have to get used to informing my bf that it's Diva-time instead of Keeper-time...