December 4th, 2010

can the cup cause TSS?

Hi everyone,

Two days ago was my first day on my period, and so I had my Lunette cup in starting in the morning (emptying it every few hours). But in the evening, I suddenly got the chills really bad, and a really high fever - it got up to 103.5*. I am still not sure what caused it, but I became worried that it was TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) and took out the cup. My cup may have had bacteria in it because I left it in too long on my last period - over 24 hours. (I know, I know, I've learned my lesson now!) I had cleaned my cup multiple times with rubbing alcohol, but I should have boiled it I guess. According to a website, a symptom of TSS is really high fever, which I had, but another major symptom is a rash, which I did not observe. My fever did go down about one degree after taking out the cup, but all yesterday (back to using pads - gross) I still had a fever of around 101*, 100*. I think it may have been food poisoning or a stomach virus though because I was also nauseous and couldn't really eat anything.

Anyway, is it possible that I had TSS?
Is my cup still safe to use after I boil it and thoroughly clean it, or should I throw it out and get a new one?

Trouble getting L Lady Cup to open once inside, should I go w/ a S instead?

Hi all,
    Thanks to this community, I took the leap & am now a proud cup user. I LOVE it!!  
I purchased the L Lady Cup after reading through all the boards. I'm wondering now if I should have gotten the small.

Here's why:
I have the hardest time getting the cups to re-open after insertion. At first I thought it was just a newbie issue, but I've been using it for 3-4mos now & am still having trouble. I've tried several folds, positions...etc.
Could the size affect why it isn't re-opening? Would getting the S Lady Cup help with this issue? 
I've never filled the cup higher than 1/3, so I'm thinking a S would work for the amount, but wondered what everyone though about the size & re-opneing issues before I purchase another cup.

Thanks ladies!!!
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Lady Cup, how vibrant are the colors?

So I have succesfully used a Lunette for a few years, love it! (have a MooncupUK to, but it does not work for me)
But I would really like a cup more, a smaller one for the light days, and one that does not rests on my bladder as much/is softer.
I was thinking about the Lady Cup.

I dont like the more "tinted" colors where you can barely see it, I want a more "solid/vibrant" color.
Turquoise, will this be for me? I would hate to buy a cup and get disappointed with the color being more of a tint.
Which Lady Cup colors are the most colorful?

And I want it to have a color. There is no way i'm gonna get another clear one now when there is so many color options :D

Soft Meluna for sale?

 Hi everyone... I've just joined this community but I lurked a ton while I was learning about cups and figuring out which to buy.  Thanks for all of the useful info!  I just got my first one (a classic meluna) and did a dry run.  I'm really thinking I may prefer a softcup instead though.  Is anyone here selling a medium soft meluna for super cheap?  I like the ring stem but would be open to a ball or traditional stem.  Let me know... thanks!

Great Menstrual Cup Documentary -- And A Naturcup Video!


A friend named Vanessa did her thesis on menstrual cups, and made a video documentary about it.  With my permission, she used some clips from my YouTube videos, and interviewed lots of other women on the subject.  I think they all had some very interesting points of view.  Here is the link if anyone else wants to see it:

Naturcup Video:

I'm a bit late doing this, but I made a Naturcup video to give everyone a better look.  I posted it in the comments.  :)  

I also updated my Naturcup review: