December 3rd, 2010


Buying Cups

Looking for another cup to try out! I do need an intact stem, please! Included pouches are preferred, but not totally necessary :)

I am looking specifically for one of the following:

Thanks for the coupon codes in the comments. However, I would still love to try a Miacup and a Yuuki if anyone happens to be selling them at the moment!

Large green or blue Lunette
Small or Large Miacup
Large Yuuki
Large MeLuna Ring stem, either Classic or Soft, but in the new style...and not in the color purple because I already have a purple MeLuna :D

I live in the US, zip code 98115 and can pay through PayPal.


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Rekindled Cup Love

I've spent the last few months using cloth pads because my cup started bugging me, it would never sit right, it was uncomfortable and leaked a bit and for some reason I just COULD NOT get it in right.

So I bought cloth pads and became quickly smitten with them. So I've used them for a while. I tried the cup a few times with no great success.

But last night I tried again, and used the punch-down fold instead of the c-fold which I usually use (I've found in the past the punch-down doesn't always pop open properly). I don't know why it took me this long to try another fold, perhaps because I found the pads to be so awesome as well.

Now my cup is perfectly comfortable and non-leaky again! Success!

Successfully mastered insteads and wrote a wiki how-to article

I used an instead softcup for the first time on my last period, and just wanted to share that I had a very positive experience. Insertion went well, and it never leaked, even during sex. Success! :) Removal was pretty dang messy, but for clean period sex, who cares? (I definitely wouldn't want to change it in a public bathroom through. Blood all over my hands lol.) I used one cup for my whole period and then threw it away--how long y'all generally reuse these out of curiosity?

I wrote a wikiHow article on how to use these. Please feel free to read and critique. (If you are so inclined you can edit it yourself too.) Also thanks to Melissa for making an awesome video that I embedded in the article. :)
How to Use an Instead Softcup

Also I'm trying to come up with all the reasons that a cup could leak and put them in the tips of my article about using reusable menstrual cups:
Troubleshooting for Leaks

Can anyone think of any more reasons?

P.S. I made a lil instead icon: