November 26th, 2010

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ParaGard + MeLuna Soft?

I had a ParaGard inserted yesterday and so far everything is good. I'm 31, NP, and this is my first IUD (IUC?). I've used a Keeper for the past 10+ years and while it wasn't perfect (most notably with leaking), it was far better than the alternatives. My periods are on the heavy side so prior to using the Keeper I had problems with bleeding onto pajamas/sheets at night and having to change pads frequently for the first few days of my period. I tried tampons but they made me feel woozy and that scared me which was what pushed me to find an alternative. (The reason I ended up with the Keeper wasn't because it was the best choice, but rather the only one I had at the time. I didn't even realize until I found this community just how many options there are!)

I've been using pads since the ParaGard was put in, but already I'm missing my Keeper very much. I'm planning to wait at least 3 cycles before trying any kind of cup, but once I do I'm wondering whether the MeLuna Soft might be a good choice.

I noticed there aren't many posts here about it yet, but for those who have experience with it, and with IUDs, what do you think? I know that there are multiple mechanisms for how cups might contribute to (or cause) IUD expulsion. The two main ones seem to be pulling the IUD strings when the cup is grasped for removal, and the suction action at removal causing the IUD to move downward.

My thinking is that maybe the MeLuna Soft would make the suction thing less of an issue since (according to the little I've read about it) it's much easier to remove, with less suction?

I haven't felt for my strings yet so I don't know how long they are, but I plan to do that (I'm a little nervous for some reason) so I can be aware once I do start using a cup again. It's really the suction issue that worries me, especially since my Keeper seems to exert a rather massive suction effect when I take it out. (I remove it by breaking the seal on the sides and then pulling it out, but I can see how even in doing this an IUD's position might be affected somehow.)

Also, does anyone know if I could order directly from the MeLuna website (I'm in the US)? Has anyone successfully done this? Any hints for that would be much appreciated.

Any thoughts you have about the ParaGard + MeLuna Soft combination are very welcome...this is an amazing community and I'm so glad it exists!
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Thanks everyone who commented on this post with suggestions for questions for my TV appearance.

I don't know how much longer it will be there, but here is the video of me on Tv promoting cups - I'm about 40 minutes in...look for the bright pink hair. I had a fever, got flustered, kept forgetting what I wanted to say, and was fighting back a terrible cough throughout, but all in all, I don't think it's terrible. lol. I hate seeing myself on TV.

The presenter clearly didn't pay attention to her call sheet or any of our conversation prior to shooting, because she thought the cups were called EnvironMenstruals...which then meant I had to waste time explaining who I was and what I was promoting, which cost Q&A time, so I didn't get to cover everything. Oh well.

Is The Alicia Cup Back?

I've gotten word that the Alicia cup's name has been changed by the LifeCell company.  Its new name is "Hygina".  Here is an info page:

I'm not sure if they are selling it individually, but they are calling it a menstrual cup, and advertizing it like it won't just be for the collection of blood for stem cell research. 

LadyCup Green Meadow pics

Hi everyone,

my LC Green Meadow arrived today and I have to say I love the colour.
Although some people have mentioned there can't be a big difference between this one and the original green cup, I can say there is a big difference. It reminds me of the Lunette's Green Diana cup. And since Lunette didn't work for me, I found a great excuse to buy this one :)
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Not a Divacup fan, what now?

So I've had a love/hate relationship with my DivaCup for a couple years, and now I've lost it to an unfortunate sterilizing accident.  I've had 3 kiddos and was using a sz 2 but found that no matter what it sat so low that it was poking (despite taking the entire stem off).  A friend recommended turning it inside out, which helped, but it was still sitting so low it was outside a bit.  Now that I've got to buy a new cup, I figured it might be time to try something new.  During my first couple days of AF, I have to get up 2-3 times a night to empty my Diva or else I'm overflowing and leaking, so capacity is important.  Any suggestions?  Thank you!!