November 18th, 2010

Naturcup: Dimensiones

So I was wondering yesterday evening what happened with Naturcup. I'm in Spain and have just started to give sex ed classes.

The mail order is up on their page, but still no dimensiones. So I e-mailed them yesterday evening and this morning they have already answered. Seems like their costumer service has improved a lot.

Size 0 Teens: diameter 40mm
                     long    56mm
Size I :             diameter 43mm
                        long       65mm
Size II:             diameter 47mm
                       long       65mm

As they say there's no need to trim it so I guess it's with the stem. I asked about the capacity,let's see if they give me that as well. I'm rather heavy so I will only concider buying it if it can hold more than my large yuuki. They stated it has the  biggest capacity on the market.