November 16th, 2010

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A Bit Scared...

 Okay...  I read through a bunch of posts here and am almost reassured, but want to ask so that I can quit feeling freaked.

I bought my Diva Cup and it arrived today.  It's a model 2.  I'm only 21, but I had twins when I was 16 (via c-section) and read that I should still get model 2, so I did.  I heard the size difference isn't great, so while I'm confident I don't by any means NEED a larger one, I am not too proud to get it.


I have an IUD.  I actually had it put in after the kid thing and have thus had it for 4 years.  I've never had issues with it.  It's a copper one, I don't know the name honestly.  The first 6 months I had it, the strings were annoying (my then-boyfriend, now-husband would complain).  Over time, I was unable to feel the strings.  My understanding is they have softened and probably got flipped up, but I know it hasn't come out and I know it's still working (with my awesome fertility, I KNOW, ha ha).

So, I actually read through the Diva instructions on insertion and didn't read the warnings.  I actually got it in (using one of their suggested folds, not the C one, the one where you push the edge down), got it spun, and I think it was in okay.  Then I wanted to practice taking it out.  I am not comfortable wearing it yet, but am on my period and did all this in the tub, squatting (TMI aside, I think we're all beyond that).  So, with some maneuvering, I managed to get a finger up to press the side, get my thumb up to pinch the bottom, and got it out without pain (after a few moments of freaking out with it in me, this is all so new!).  (Also, look up bracydactyly, I have that with my fingers and toes and it scares me because of them being short and thicker, especially my thumb).

So, after I successfully got it out and washed up, I read through the instructions again and saw the warning about not using with an IUD.  I read a lot on here that it should be okay, especially if you're careful and your IUD is settled.

Thoughts?  In b4 "Have a doctor check your strings."  I am very anti-doctor unless I'm going to die.  I just want some friendly reassurance.  >.<

New DivaCup user

Heya all! Just wanted to drop in and say hi and give a little review of my first experience using a cup because I know how reading review after review made me more comfortable with the idea/process of using a cup.

First though: I'm just giving a heads up, I may be having an extra (brand new!) DivaCup to sell soon.  Long story short: Found DivaCup in a local store AFTER I ordered it.  Went and cancelled my order and they sent it anyway.  Ah well.

I did a "dry run" yesterday and found the process was pretty easy.  I've tried tampons a few times and never liked how they felt so I was nervous that I wouldn't like cups.  I was probably doing the tampons wrong. 

For the DivaCup, though? I'm finding it quite comfortable.  Except the stem.  I had it in for a short while and checked for leaking and there was a tiny bit so I went and redid it.  Now it's sitting lower (it was leaking because it was too high before?) and the stem is more annoying.  But I don't think there's any new leaking.

I pretty much keep forgetting it's there but sometimes I'll feel "something".  I think it's because the stem is poking out enough to kinda move the cup slightly? But there's no leaking now sooo... I think I'm winning?

So the next time I go to empty the cup I'll probably cut the stem off completely.  I thought the website said not to cut it off completely but I can't find it now.  I know some of you ladies have completely removed your stems though so I'm not worried.

Thanks for reading any any encouragements :)

DivaCups in CVS?

So maybe I'm just late to learn this but I heard the CVS in my small college town just started carrying DivaCups. Exciting! (I also just posted menstrual cup flyers everywhere on campus.) Anyone else found them in national drugstore chains?

P.S. I need to double check this for myself, but I heard divacup, so that doesn't seem to just be insteads.

EDIT: There definitely aren't DivaCups or insteads in our CVS. They're available at the local organic grocery, which is nice, but sorry to get your hopes up about a national chain carrying them.

New to cups. Am I inserting properly?

Dry Run #1

My Diva Cup arrived in the mail yesterday.  I had difficulty inserting it and I finally lay down on my back in the bathtub with my legs up over the rim.  I think I used the U fold and it went in smoothly until the stem was still sticking out of the opening.  I pushed it down and back like I did with my Instead Cup and I got it in all the way.  I think I did that was the wrong thing to do because then I couldn't rotate the base and removal was a mother----er.

Dry Run #2

This time I managed to insert it sitting on the toilet with my legs as far apart as I could get them.  I used the upside down U fold.  Again, after I got it in to the point that I could see the stem poking through my opening in my hand mirror.  I tried to push it in further but it wouldn't move.  However, I was able to rotate the base and removal was a hell of a lot easier.

My question is is the cup supposed to be this close to the opening and that's why so many people cut the stems off?

Please reply.  Thank you!