November 13th, 2010

Trade-in offer for fleurcups

I was bored and decided to go to the fleurcup website this morning and discovered this:

They're offering a deal where you trade in your old silicone menstrual cup of any brand and they'll give you 10 euros back--also, it looks like you don't have to send in your cup until after you get your fleurcup, so you can decide if you actually want it?

I thought some of you might be interested in this, so I decided to share

MeLunas - Lunettes

sorry for posting this again, but just wanted to give another post to say my webshop is up and running...I sell Lunette cups and cloth pads...I also do coop ordering of MeLunas!/pages/Hillsboro-OR/Green-Bajingos/145053582203016!/pages/Hillsboro-OR/Co-op-ordering-for-MeLunas/168968279796427

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Mod post: gender neutral language - why do we care?

Hi everyone :) it is modpost oclock at menstrual_cups right now!

Gender neutral language - why do we care?

We've noticed there is a tendency in this community to assume that all members identify as women. This is an understandable assumption to make. However, we'd like to point out that not all members of this community identify as female. There are people in this community who identify as female-to-male transgender, as genderqueer, or as other gender identities other than female. While they do not identify with terms like "woman" or "lady", they still menstruate, and this community is potentially relevant for them.

We say in the userinfo that 'We want people of all ages, genders and confidence levels to feel comfortable here', and we mods feel really strongly about that. We've been told several times over the years that phrases like 'Hi ladies!' make our non female-identified members feel invisible and unwelcome, and that is the last thing we want.

As such, we have two requests:

  1. To everyone - please be mindful that this is a very diverse community, and be respectful of all people who may be reading regardless of gender, sexual orientation, etc. In this context, this means using gender neutral language. So instead of saying, "Thanks, ladies!" something like, "Thanks, everyone!" would be more appropriate.

  2. To the non-female identified members of this community - is there anything that we as moderators (or community members) can do to make menstrual_cups more accommodating? If you don't feel comfortable leaving a comment here, you can leave an anonymous one on this post, or please feel free to email us at menstrual_cups at livejournal dot com.

Thanks for your understanding! If you have any questions about why we feel this policy is important, please feel free to (respectfully) ask in the comments.

lintilla and scien

PS if you think this post is about you, don't worry, it isn't :) this issue has come up a lot recently.

Edit: so many comments! If you find long threads difficult to read in this community style, try
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Mod post: join the fun!

Did someone say modpost oclock?

So a while back amanita03 had to dial back on her awesome moderating skillz due to being busy in Real Life. (In what? I know!). I've also been stretched a bit thin lately, so we could really use a new person or two to help out.

I wrote up what this would involve here, and it pretty much all still applies.

Let's keep it shorter this time though, since the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow didn't actually assist my decision at all last time. If you're interested in helping out, reply to this post and let us know:

  1. Hi! Who are you? LJ name or other nick is fine.

  2. Any opinions on the stuff in that post?

  3. Would you be content to just do housekeeping/admin type tasks, or do you have any grand designs? (as before, both are perfectly fine)

Responses to this will be screened. If they're questions/discussions I'll unscreen them as soon as I can though.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank lintilla for being an awesome mod without much help for the last few months :) yay for her!

Edit: Okay, comments closed. Everyone say hello to tisiphone :)