November 6th, 2010

knee surgery/crutches part 2

so, a week ago i posted about how i didn't know how to handle a cup after knee surgery.

thank you for the answers BUT the do not work, at least not as long as i'm still here in the hospital.

because: not only can i not put any weight on my leg but i can't bend it and hardly lift it on it's own, and even then only in a stretched position. the hospital toilet isn't very roomy either, so just spreading my legs doesn't work at all either.

even cloth pads don't really work for me here because i have to wiggle around on my butt a lot and they move around just a little too much for me to relie on them.

so i have budged and asked my other half to buy me a pack of tampons. i hate them and haven't used any for at least three years now but shoving a finger halfway in for about 2 seconds is somehow possible where putting two fingers with a cup between them halfway in and then put another finger all the way in to check if the cervix really is inside the cup and not playing hide and seek with it is not at all possible for me at this point.

i do have high hopes to work it out next month though, as i will be able to at least bend and lift my leg by then.

well, if anyone does have any other suggestions that may work even with one stiff and totally useless leg i would be thankfull but i just can't think of any at all on my own.

Help me out, if you can!

Hi Ladies

This is my first time posting here and I have read a lot of the posts and comments, but I can't figure out how to fix what's going on here with me. I'm trying my medium meluna out for the first time, and this is day 2 of my period. I got it in easily, it feels super comfortable and I did run my finger around to be sure my cervix is in the cup and it's popped open. Everything seems great. The problem is it keeps leaking. But when I take it out to empty it, it's only like half full, or even less. I have a low cervix. I've had two babies, but both were via c-section, and I don't think I'm particularly stretched out down there.

I have plenty of reasons for wanting to use a cap, but the biggest is that since I had my second baby, which was 5th months ago (this is my first period, I had the cup all ready to go for when it came) I have become extremely sensitive to pads, pantyliners and even tampons a little.  I get a rash that doesn't go away for a few days whenever I use one. Tampons also make me cramp, so I don't want to use them. I really really want this to work for me.

The worst leaking was last night, it was awful. I got up three times to change, and had a mess everytime. I am so disappointed! Removal and insertion were a breeze, I thought it would work perfectly, but it hasn't! I don't know what to do!!

The reason I got the medium meluna is that I know my cervix is low, and my skin is so easily irritated I wanted the ball stem so I didn't have to cut off a long end and have a sharp edge to anything where I cut. If I had gotten one with a stem, it would definitely poke all the way out. And I liked the size of it-- I'm afraid anything larger would be uncomfortable. But I don't know. I don't want to keep ordering gobs of cups and trying them either. But is that my only option? I'm at a loss, I'm so bummed out!!! Help!