November 5th, 2010

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I purchased my first menstrual cup on eBay a few months ago, and have been extremely pleased with it! Sometimes it is quite difficult to get a good seal, the punch down fold works most of the time but sometimes not. And I have just had to trim the stem for the second time, as it's been irritating more than usual during this period, especially when my cervix lowered in the last few days.

Something is bothering me though... the seller I got it from didn't appear to be a personal seller, as they had several of them and they were listed as brand new. So I trusted that it had never been used. The box says it is a MoonCup, but I've noticed there is a very faint piece of text imprinted on the cup itself that says "Green Donna". It appears to be in the same style of font as the MoonCup logo... so what's going on? Is this a used Green Donna that someone has just put into a MoonCup box and tried to pass off as new? I know people buy and sell used cups a lot, but I'm just a bit paranoid about this... is there much danger in using a cup that's been used by someone else? Or is the Green Donna brand owned my MoonCup or something?

edit: okay, just looked under the green donna tags and found several other entries with the same query. very strange indeed... i just hope it's clean and safe to use is all.

Longer Stems, Anyone?

Hey there!

So having just gone through the idiotic struggle to remove my Large Lunette for the umpteenth time...a process that often requires shoving a bit of TP up there to grab the stem with, after it's slipped out of my fingers several times in a row, with the associated irritation of the lady bits...

I love my large Lunette, I really do. The extra capacity for my heavy days is very helpful, but the shortness of the stem is driving me nuts!

I know that many of the women here trim or even remove the stem from their cups completely, and all I can do is shake my head in amazement and vague envy. My cups ride high, and getting them out requires me to get down into the deepest possible squat, bear down like heck, grab the very bottom ridge of the stem with one hand, and slip a finger from the other hand all the way up inside to the rim in order to break the seal. On my small Lunette, that's usually ok, but on my large it's quite the procedure. Getting the cup to come down far enough to even grab the stem is very hard, and because it is more rigid, it tend to slip out of my fingers, and I have to start all over. I can't help but wonder why Lunette couldn't just make the stem the same length as on the small.

What do you ladies think about this? I am guessing that those of you who trim the stem wouldn't be affected by this, since you're going to trim anyway. Would this bother you? How many here would appreciate a longer stem?

Plagiarism by the Shecup website

I didn't make a big deal at the time, but some of you may remember the saga in which the Shecup website reproduced one of my posts to this community with some minor changes. That's gone now (although some people have said that it's still in the instructions sent with the product - if any of you guys have recently bought a cup from them and my writing's still in the instructions, please contact me) but I was poking around their website today and I thought some things looked a bit familiar...

Compare: (4.1)

(And this one is my very favorite) (look at the section about materials)

Well okay then.

I point this out because I know many people in this community have strong feelings about issues like the Keeper Company and their usurping the Mooncup trademark in the US. For me as a writer, plagiarism is on the same level. For a company to steal the hard work that other people have put in to create copy for other websites is unconscionable as far as I'm concerned.

I have contacted the companies that I noticed... similarities for, as I would absolutely want to know if someone had stolen my work. (And to those who pointed it out to me the first time - thank you!)

meluna anyone?

I run and I do meluna coop orders....I'm getting ready to place an order if anyone wants to order a meluna cup, any size color softness stem for $20 shipped to the USA if your outside of the USA and want to order I will figure how much extra it is for shipping.
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