November 4th, 2010


First time user

I am having a really big problem inserting my small divacup. I purchased it about 3 weeks ago and tried it as soon as I got it in the mail, but I could not get it inside all the way. (I tried it for about 2 hours) I thought this was okay since I heard it's easier to insert when you are menstruating.

Flash forward to today, another 2 hours of trying to insert the the damn thing, but it just won't go in all the way!! I'm on the first day of my period btw. I tried everything. lying down, sitting down, standing, in the shower, a leg raised. I did the whole mouth open to relax the jaw, breathing in and out. But I can only get it in so far. About half an inch & the whole stem end up sticking out. When I try to push it in, it just burns so bad. It doesn't hurt so much, there's just this awful burning sensation. I turned it inside out, thinking all my problems would be solved and still a whole inch is sticking out. When I try to push it in feels like I'm putting a stick into mud, honestly. This is so frustrating.

I'm a virgin, I have only stuck a finger in there about twice before. I've wore a tampon once like 5 years ago. I decided to get over my fear and stuck my finger in there to I could feel around and figure out what the problem was and the same thing happened. I can only get my finger in to like the second joint, then it just begins to burn really badly. I don't know what this is, could it be the hymen? I thought that was usually right near the entrance. Pleeease help me. I thought I was done with pads. this is so disappointing :(
Rolo is suspicious, not sure if safe
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Is an Instead to reusable cup transition difficult?

Long-time lurker, first time poster. I'm a 25-year-old nonvirgin (but no PIV) and long-time tampon user. Last period I switched to Instead softcups because I wanted some experience getting all up in my vagina while being a bloody mess before investing in a reusable cup. Insertion was a little awkward at first, and I leaked, and removal was a bit disastrous in terms of mess, but after a day or two I'd figured things out. I love not having to time my schedule around changing tampons every three hours on my heavy days -- and I feel so much cleaner, odd as that may sound.

Anyway, though, since I'd really like to get a reusable cup sometime soon, this leads me into my question. Has anyone else here switched to a reusable cup after using Instead? If so, how steep is the learning curve?

First Period: Can feel it

I'm a 15 year old virgin. I've used tampons but not often because I don't really like them. A few months ago I heard about these and was really excited because I'm always looking for for environmentally friendly technology.

I researched cups and picked out on that I thought would fit me best. A lunette diana small. This is my first period with one. I didn't do any dry runs, though I tried once.

The first two times I tried getting it in there was pain. I took a break after each. Finally, I tried a different approach and stuck two fingers in first before I put it in. Then I pushed it in kind of from the back and got it in. I slept in it. When it came to removal I had some issues, but I was nervous. Then, I wore it and it leaked. Obviously, this is because it wasn't high enough or didn't seal. I can still feel it.

I was just wondering how I can get it in higher if it needs to be. Its difficult to get a finger around to check the seal. Is there any other reason I may be feeling it or is it actually just a normal thing?

Squatting positions.

I tried to Google SFW pictures of squatting positions to illustrate what I meant when giving advice to new users, but couldn't quite find what I was looking for, so I opened up Paint and did a couple of quick doodles. (Click to view them full size.)

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This is the position I use, more or less, for easiest access. They're not great illustrations -- and I don't hold the cup like that, fully open! I just wanted to draw a quick representation of it -- but despite the squiggly lines and abstraction (you can imagine the other arm steadying the figure, or helping with insertion), I hope they're helpful.

Tilted Uterus help!

I have tried the Diva cup and the the Mooncup UK (both in the over 30 and had a baby size) for the past nine cycles (the first nine cycles I've had post partum).  I've always had lots of leaking regardless of the position I insert.  I feel that I'm pretty experienced enough that I know when I have a good seal and when it has popped open properly, so I don't think thats the problem.  I spoke with my midwife today and she told me she remembers that I have a tilted uterus.  So, I went and checked my cervix, I'm day 4 of my cycle, my cervix was two knuckles in on my middle finger!  Pretty low!  And it was pointed toward my belly button when I was checking (while on the toilet), so its definitely tilted.  So between the tilt and low position of my cervix now wonder I've been having problems!  I was wondering if anyone could recommend certain cups and/or sizes to try!  I would greatly appreciate it!!


First post in a while

I got my Small Blue MeLuna with a ball stem today and it's the second day of my period which is usually only 3 or 4 days at the most but I'm still excited. I sterilized it even though it looked clean,then went out to eat with my mother and tried it when I got back. I would have tried it before but I had a diva cup (or possibly a mooncup i'll have to find it and see what it is)and it gave me really bad cramps from the suction but this time it seemed to go in fine and pop open and except for realizing i might need to file down some of my nails during my period it seems to be ok.

Should I worry that their isn't a seal if I keep feeling air bubbles coming out? I feel it deep inside and there's no leaking but i'm just nervous. I don't care if I leak in my sleep..everything can be washed but it just seems impossible that it went in so smoothly lol

I'm thrilled though because now except for maybe buying reusuable pads I can buy tampons and pads while i'm couponing and they can all go straight to food banks :) I may keep a box around just in case but I'm a happy convert!
Also I've got to say I'm really thrilled with I ordered last saturday or sunday I think and it came from the UK to little ole South Carolina today! I expected it maybe next week or something.
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Lunette silicone err fraying?

I posted here once before and I read this community from time to time, but alas I forgot my username  so that's the reason for the empty account! Now on to the issue: I've had a small Lunette for a little less than a year at this point. Although the learning curve was steep I now love and regularly use my Lunette! So, today when my "monthly wonder" appeared I pulled it out of the bag and headed to the show. I put it in my shower caddy so that I can erm put it in me later. As I bend down to get some soap, I notice that it looks like the bottom ring on the stem is broken. On further examination, I confirm that it is indeed ripped. Has any one else had this experience? I don't think I've cleaned it with anything harsh-- mostly Dove soap, Dr. Bronners, and (this might be the culprit) the hand sanitizer/soap in my dorm bathrooms. Another possible culprit is my long fingernails-- I do tend to dig them in to the stem on removal, but I thought cups were more resilient :( 

Could little stray pieces of silicone be detrimental to my health? Would Lunette send me a replacement or is it not the worth the trouble? I look forward to the responses! Thanks! 

Cup flyers for bathroom stalls! :)

So I want to put up a bunch of menstrual cup info in the girl's bathrooms on my campus. :) I've looked through the activism tags pretty extensively, and I have a couple funny pictures and some brochures, which could work. If nothing else I'll make my own flyers and put them here, but I was wondering if anyone knew of some ready made flyers, or ideas for catchy phrases about cups. idk :) TIA!


I made some flyers! Feel free to borrow these for similar, non-commercial purposes. (They look nicest if you select the "large size.") Also does anyone have suggestions for making them more appealing or accurate?

Oh and thanks to the user in this post for the "yeehaw" pic, lol.

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