October 31st, 2010

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meluna coop order

I hope someone here can help.  I've tried to contact the person who does the Meluna Coop Orders to resolve this, but I haven't gotten any response to my emails.

I ordered a cup via the coop and PayPal'd her the money on September 12, 2010.  I have received no cup.  I have received no information on whether the coop order was placed or not.  I feel as though I've been waiting patiently for the cup, or news of the cup's whereabouts, to arrive.

I emailed the person who does the coop orders on two occasions ... first at the end of September, most recently last week.  I've received no response.

Has anyone else done the meluna coop order thing during September?  Have you received your cup?  Do you know what is happening?  I'd really appreciate some information.  Thanks!

Lunette Givaway Time For Halloween!-- CLOSED, winner announced in comments

Its Givaway time! Ok ladies, its Halloween, one of my fav. holidays. So in the spirit, I'm having a givaway for a small green Lunette Diana! Just an an extra I have. It's without a box, has been touched, held and squeezed by local customers, etc. Comes with its pouch. First person to guess what my chihuahua Bruiser's costume will be WINS!! (Halloween is the ONLY day he wears an outfit, by the way, the rest of the time, he just likes to be a doggie, lol). 

One guess per person.

I will post this on Facebook and in my forum too.  But I will check the exact time of the comments, to see who was "first" in case more than one person guesses it.  

Good luck, and happy Halloween!!  :)

I will announce the winner at midnight tonight, my time (California, USA)
boosh driving


I can't really boil my cup because my Dad is *always home* and he'd also wonder, if he *did* go out, what I used a pan for and why it now has to go into the dishwasher. *sigh*.
So. I'd like to microwave it, because it's a lot more subtle. I've heard that it's possible.
How do you do it so that it doesn't burn or whatever?


Cup position and leaking

Hi there

I left a message a couple of months ago about my diva cup leaking.
As it was my first period with the diva, I had decided to give it an other try and see if I could solve the leaking problem.
Well, after two months and after trying a few tips, the problem is still there and I probably found out why the cup is leaking.
I've noticed that the cup always sits in my vagina leaning towards left. No matter in what position I leave the cup inside, it always goes towards left. Apparently it sits comfortable in that way. No wonder I always leak on the left side of the cup. I suppose that, given the position of the cup, the blood drops on the side and eventually reaches the rim of the cup making it lose the seal, even though the cup is not full yet. In fact, I always feel some air coming out before feeling the blood.
I had this problem also with the UK mooncup, which I had to give up as it rode pretty high even with the whole stem. That's why I bought a diva cup, it is easier for me to reach and remove.
I also bought a yuuki which seems to be larger, but I still get the same problem.
This is actually a big deal only during the first two days of my period, given the high blood flow, but it is still annoying I have to wear pads as a back up.

There might not be any solution for that but if one of you have had the same problem and found a way to solve it, please let me know.
I'm 30 so all my cups are the largest ones.

Thank you!