October 30th, 2010

Dear God end this NOW

I am on day 21 of my period. Not day 21 of my cycle but 21 evil days of actual bleeding. I am miserable. My lady bit HURT now. A few days of inserting and removing a cup are NOOOOOOOOOO problem but I had to switch from my diva 2 to my keeper mooncup and OUCHY. Today I stopped at the store for a box of INsteds since they are much smaller and more squishy to insert. I want it to stop. In the last 21 days I bleed the frist 4 (normal), heavy discharge/bleeding for 12ish and then HEAVY bleeding for the last 4 (not normal). No cramps, no pain, just prolonged evil insane period. Have a vaginal ultrasound Monday (will it hurt) (and how if I'm still bleeding????) to see if I'm dying (j/k). Someone wave a magic wand and stop it please???

Pitiful rant over now :) Back to normal programing :)
hero always peeks

ladycup leaking and removal trouble...help please!

So, after I did a ton of research I bought a small Ladycup the month before last. Sadly, it arrived the day after my period so I had to wait till this month to try it out, and I was so excited! After a few dry runs I got the hang of insertion (punch-down fold saved my LIFE) so that's no problem, but when I had to remove it I realized I was in trouble. I know I'm breaking the suction because I pinch it at the base, get that weird squelchy noise, and I make sure I can get a finger around the rim, but as soon as the rim gets near my opening it HURTS so much I feel like I'm giving birth to a Ladycup-shaped demon child from hell. I've tried tilting it but it doesn't lessen the pain, and I thought I was getting better at removing it until this morning, when I had to take a break halfway through because it hurt so bad. It's very comfy wearing it, but removing it makes me want to shoot something.
But the pain isn't even my main issue with this thing, it's the fact that it leaks all the time. I've been emptying it every three hours, because it leaks when it gets half full if I sit down or lie down at all. I've had it in for 45 minutes since I changed it today, and it is ALREADY leaking. Maybe I need a bigger one with holes that are higher up (I really want a MeLuna because I love the ring stem, and my stem pokes me even though I trimmed it quite short. Idk.) I can feel that my cup does have suction, I just wonder if I need a cup that's less soft and bigger so it'll get better suction. But I'm worried that will hurt more and removal will be (somehow) worse. If anyone can help I will be forever grateful, and I'd say you could have my first or second-borns if I hadn't already promised them to the Very Aerie Sale and some fanfic, respectively. Should I get a bigger cup, and if so, what kind would you suggest? I do not want another Ladycup with all the problems I am having with this one. I am in love with that Nickelodeon-slime-colored MeLuna, but idk if the MeLuna would be better for me or not. Thank you in advance.