October 23rd, 2010

shortest but widest cup?

I originally started using a Keeper close to 10 years ago.  It dry-rotted during my pregnancy with my first child, so I got a Large DivaCup when I started having AF again.  The problem now is that I've had three big babies and am really stretched out there (even the OBGYN says as much).  My Large DivaCup will not stay in place.  I have cut off the stem entirely, but about 1/2" of the cup still hangs out.  It's painful when I sit down because it's poking, and if it gets very full at all and I do something like sneeze, cough, or pick up my toddler, the cup comes close to falling out.  It's only my pad/underwear keeping it from completely popping out.

I have no interest in trying tampons again, so for now I'm just using cloth pads (heavy AF, so disposable pads have not provided enough absorbency, even the super pads).  But gigantic cloth pads are a little awkward to use away from home.  I would love to get back to using a menstrual cup with a pantiliner.

Does anybody know which cup might be bigger in diameter--but quite a bit shorter--than the Large (size 2) DivaCup?

A successful dry run :D

 XD last week I ordered my large red fleurcup and it came in the mail yesterday!
I was soo exited to try it out but since people are saying that you shouldn't do dry runs since it changes down there when your on your period I decided to do it so I could get some preference to some folds so I don't have to try putting it on for hours with bloody fingers...
So after two hours in a locked room, I got it in! 8D I left it there overnight and didn't feel a thing and it was awesome, but I did have some troubles getting it out. After figuring out that I could actually do kegels I managed to take it out without having any troubles. :D

Anyways, I do have a couple questions regarding dry runs and actual runs with a cup...
I found that having the cup in its natural form REALLY hurt vs. and inverse cup when I was taking it out because of the ridges, so should i file them down or would my lady parts not feel it during my period? (I know stupid question but I had to ask :/ )
Also, is it just me or when you take your cup and twirl it on your finger it makes static electricity? I was doing that earlier and I noticed that my cup suddenly had fur on it O_o (and no, I didn't let my dog get a hold of it)

In the end I'm pretty sure that I'm going to rave about my successful time with the cup once my next cycle comes (can't wait X3)
Man, I love this place, it's how I discovered cups!