October 18th, 2010

3 Free MeLuna Soft Cups

Our new MeLuna softcups arrived today. We will be giving away 3 this evening. They will appear on the website anytime from now until midnight. If you want one you need to keep refreshing this link and it will appear as if by magic http://www.femininewear.co.uk/menstrual-cups-meluna-c-15_210.html
It will cost you £1.00 but that will be refunded. Shipping worldwide is free for this :-)

And you need to be quick to checkout as several people could have it in the basket at the same time!!
At the time of posting in the UK it is 7.15pm.

Good luck x

2 Lunettes for sale

I realize this page should not be used for this purpose, but this can't be done anywhere else on the web I'm afraid.
I have two Lunette cups for sale. One is a small Selene, has been used twice and the stem is completely trimmed. The other one is a large Diana, has been used four times, and about 1/2 of the stem is trimmed. I will completely understand if someone won't buy a used cup, but I would hate throwing them away if there is a chance someone will be interested. I am selling them just because they leak for some reason. My guess is my cervix is placed differently and the material isn't flexible enough to adjust (?) I though buying a large one would help but I was wrong. I found LadyCup to be the perfect cup for me.
I will sterilise the cups in Milton solution plus will boil them.
I am asking £15 for each ( I live in the UK), but I will dispatch worldwide, without overcharging for postage. Please pm me if  you are interested

Talking with others about cups?

 I love my cup.

I really do.

I LOVE it kind of love it.

But when the opportunity arises to talk about it...say someone complains about feeling wet & sticky all the time and their period's really heavy, or they're on their period and can't find a tampon, or they have terrible cramps...I can't bring myself to mention cups to them. Like, I have this golden opportunity, where they're basically spilling their guts about their problems with their period and I...just can't do it.

I feel like I'm doing a disservice to womenkind.

I'm a ninth grader. How do I tell my friends about cups without coming across as a psycho?

(Yes, I do have one friend who I talk about it with. But this is the friend I talk about everything with. As in, I just finished a Facebook chat in which we discussed appetite fluctuations during our cycle. Most of my friends are not like this.)

Thanks, everyone. :) This community has helped me so much in the past. You guys rock.