October 15th, 2010


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I've noticed that some cycles my cup just about inserts itself all the way through, and other cycles (like right now, argh) I can be in there half an hour at a time bunging it in and out and won't for the life of me be able to get a seal.

Some of that could be psychological (I bugger up the first time, stress a little, increase the risk of buggering it up again, etc) but I really do think it's more than that. Do any other women have this problem?

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Has anyone tried a MeLuna softcup yet?  I'm really curious how it compares to the standard MeLunas.

I have a medium MeLuna with ball stem and I love the size and stem but had trouble getting it out for my first period with it.  I'm thinking if my second period with it is still difficult I might be in the market for a softer cup so I'm wondering how the MeLuna softcup compares to other brands.  I know I would get used to my traditional MeLuna eventually but I'm keen to have a second cup anyway so I can keep one in my handbag in case I drop the one I'm wearing in the toilet.

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Hey guys!

To those of you who use your cups for discharge on your non-bleeding days, do you just use your original cup or did you buy a secondary one? I use a large Lunette but find that the on the last day of my period it gets quite hard to remove because, I assume, my cervix is retreating back up to it's usual home. I was thinking of getting a longer cup for my off days? I'd like to hear your experiences :)