October 12th, 2010

Received my lg green fleurcup today,

And just in time to be able to test it out. Yay for arriving conveniently on the first day of my period. *squee* I LOVE the color of it, i'm not disappointed at all, and i really like the shape of it too. Seems to be completely comfortable for me as i don't feel any discomfort, and doesn't seem like i'll have to trim the stem or anything. Just thought i'd share my excitement here. <3
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Love My Diva Cup!!!

 Hi Everyone,

Am currently backpacking SE Asia with my trusty Diva Cup in hand (pouch) and couldn't help but rave about How Much Space It Saves!!! It saves a lot of space. I've done my share of vagabonding and space is such a limited thing on the road. Yet another reason I heart my cup. I may be giving it too much credit, but using a menstrual cup has helped me to relate to my body in a much better way. It seems to have demystified or destigmatized my experience of menstruation--has anybody else experienced that?

I recently wrote an article about it and posted it on my blog, The Yummy Yoni. Do have a look if you get a chance:
Menstrual Cups and Clues

Hope you enjoy!