October 6th, 2010

The Korean Menstrual Cup War (looooong)

Hi, long-time lurker here. *waves nervously* I'm a 31-year-old Korean lawyer/budding academic who's been using a cup for almost a year now. I joined LiveJournal for this community because I wanted to post, and I thought you guys might want to hear about this. I think it's informative about some of the hurdles to menstrual cups adoption and cultural attitudes to cups and women's bodies.

To preface: Menstrual cups are just starting to gain awareness in Korea, primarily online. There are a couple of online shops that carry Keeper products, and the Moon Cup was my first cup. (I didn't find out what they'd done to UK Mooncup until much later--in fact, for the longest time I thought I had a UK Mooncup.) Women (including myself)  have been blogging about their experiences with menstrual cups since about 2007, as far as I can tell. It was all under the radar and pretty friendly, though I sensed nervousness from non-users about inserting something that looks fairly large. Even from women who'd given vaginal birth multiple times!

And then in September 2010 blogger Dari's (fittingly, the name means Moon Child) entry about her extremely satisfactory experience with the Moon Cup burst onto the scene. She talked about how her gyno advised her against tampons due to endometritis when she hates disposable pads and has no patience for washable pads, how she discovered the Moon Cup, and what a great experience it was for her. She showed pictures of the Moon Cup and her other cups from Feminine Wear (a small Meluna and a Lunette Green Diana), and recommended menstrual cups to all women. (Though she added the caveat, not to virgins. Not because she was against virgins using the cup, but because she wanted to avoid too much controversy.)

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Yay Cups

So I posted a while ago about telling my mom about cups and her positive response to them.  I finally got the courage to tell one of my sisters about them and while she isn't saying "ick that's just wrong" she also isn't interested in trying them which is fine.  Her decision.  Well I was hanging out with a couple of my friends last week and one of them asked where some tampons were.  I proceeded to tell them that I use cups.  They both seemed a lil grossed out but they were still interested so I showed them Lunettes site and some of the vids on youtube.  We ended up changing the subject after a while and then I had to go so I figured okay well now they know.  Last night, one of them texted me and asked me what one I use and where I got it.  I got super excited :D  She's now looking at this site and trying to figure out which one she should buy!! It's between a large and small lunette right now.  I just had to share my exciting experience with you ladies. 
Oh and I just got my black fleurcup.  It looks awesome! I'll have to wait a few weeks to try it though.

Very happy...tee hee...

Happy indeed...hehehehe...Hello there. So I've been using the Lunette Menstrual cup for three months now, and I am loving it. Now prior to using this, I've never used a tampon and I am a virgin. I've been using mostly disposable pads followed by reusable pads. Btw I am 20 years old. Anyway, when I heard about menstrual cups, my first thought was," oohh this seems cost and eco friendly" but at the same time I thought," holy...shit...how the fuck can that thing get up there and isn't it painful...?" After asking myself that question, I googled menstrual cups and came across this community as well as watching some informative videos of it on MensturalCupInfo's youtube Channel. I just have to say to all of you guys/gals whatever, thank you. If it wasn't for the information and experiences you guys provided, I would have been shit scared of using a menstrual cup. I mean, the reason why I've never used a tampon before was because I was scared of using it and it looked painful to use. Well, not only that, but I didn't know a damn thing about my womanhood. So I guess what helped me to better understand my womanhood, was using a mirror to checking myself out. I also tried puting my finger up my vagina, I thought it would hurt, but it didn't hurt at all. In fact, I thought to myself, " are you serious...? That's it....? That's what I've been afraid of all this time? wtf..." After I was finished with that, I tried using the cup. Insertion was easier than I had expected and I didn't feel a thing. Now taking it out on the other hand, like an idiot, I yanked it out and it was painful...very painful. I think I ripped my hymen apart lmao but oh well, hymens are useless. I realized that I was supposed to release the suction and ease it out side by side. I did just that and it came out fine. A little uncomfortable, but not painful. I told my friends and family about menstrual cups and how I'm using one. My friends were open-minded about it, but like me, thought it would be painful to use. All of them are virgins too and have never used a tampon...so yeah...My family on the other hand were a bit unsupportive of me using one or just the idea of menstrual cups in general. My mother was initially  worried about me using one because she thought it was harmful to the vagina like a tampon is. After explaining everything to her about menstrual cups, she wasn't entirely supportive of me using one, but she was okay with it. My sister on the other hand just flat out said," eww! That's disgusting." Even after explaining everything to her and showing her videos and information about this, she still thought it was nasty. What's funny is that she's a tampon user and she finds this gross. Oh the irony...Anyhow, again I just wanted to thank all of you guys for sharing your experiences with the cup, providing information and being supportive of each other. This has truly given me a happier period.


cervix changes?

Hello friends!

I've been using my Lunette for about 6 months now and love it just like I thought I would. I tell everyone I can about cups - I even made a powerpoint presentation, and I've presented about cups in a couple of different classes at my university. About 1/5th of the people I tell are truly interested in using a cup, so that's great news!!!
So in that regard, a great big thank you to all of you for providing wonderful information and resources. The cup has changed a lot of other things about my life, not just my period, so I'm especially grateful for this community (maybe I'll post again later on some of those changes).

Right now, though, I have a slightly pressing question for you all.

I just started taking birth control about 3 weeks ago. Besides having frequent breakthrough bleeding (my last period ended just this past Saturday, and lucky me, it started up again today), I've noticed what I think is a change in the position of my cervix. Now if I weren't using a cup I definitely wouldn't have noticed this at all, probably.

Before I started taking the pill, my cervix wouldn't move much. It always stayed kind of tucked off to the left side of my body, and the Lunette was the perfect length. But now I feel like it's moved "forward" more - I have more trouble getting the cup to open inside and sit around my cervix. I also feel like I don't have to push my cup up as far.

It's been pretty annoying, what with the frequent bleeding, to use my cup and have trouble with it every time, right when I'd gotten the hang of it, you know?

So... has anyone else experienced this? If/when (hopefully!) my period evens out again, after the three-cycle mark or whatever, do you think it will change again and my cervix will move back into its normal position? I was planning on getting a 2nd cup anyway for my very heavy 2nd day flow, but with the pill it's lightened up some, so maybe I need to buy a 2nd, shorter one for while I'm on the pill?

Any thoughts/suggestions are greatly appreciated! Many thanks!