October 3rd, 2010

  • rinfess

Selling New Small Yellow LadyCup

 Hello Lovely Ladies!

I won 2 brand new ladycups on E-Bay and obviously I only need the one. So I am selling one brand new yellow ladycup, size small for $32 including shipping. Generally it would be 38.50 BEFORE shipping and you'd have to wait for it to be shipped from Europe.

Ship only to US please!


Small Femmecup sold! (Ladycup has been sold.)

Small Femmecup for sale with no stem. (The stem was very uncomfortable.) It has the original cloth pouch and has only been used once. $20 including shipping.

SOLD - Small green Lady Cup for sale. Its stem has not been trimmed and I will also send the original green/pink plaid pouch. It has only been used three times. $22 including shipping.

I will also consider cup trades! I am interested in small meluna, small fleur, or small lunette. Preferably colored :)

I will boil each cup before sending. Only accepting payment through paypal, and paying for US shipping only please! (If you do not live the US, but are interested, you will have to pay for shipping.)

Email me if you are interested at weepngwillow16 -at- gmail.com

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New, using small diva cup

I know there are a lot of posts on removal, and I looked, but I still feel like I'm . . . missing something. First of all, I can't seem to avoid pinching a thin layer of skin as I'm trying to grab for the stem or the cup. I'm using the other hand to push skin out of the way, but this is the very thin almost membrane like skin right at the opening. Second, cannot fit two fingers in far enough to pinch the cup and break the seal, I can barely get the tips in to grab the stem. I tried just putting one finger in to try to break the seal, but that pushed the bottom and the stem so it wasn't aimed exactly at the hole any more but more to the side of it, and then when I shifted my fingers to actually grab the base and pull, it popped right back into a seal.

Also, turning the cup to create the seal, definitely could not manage 360 degrees like the instructions said! Again with the pinching of skin as I tried and tried and only managed to pinch and twist the bottom but not shift the actual cup. Otherwise it went in okay, and I guess had a seal because I had no leakage...