October 1st, 2010

How can i persuade my dad to let me get a cup?

 Okays im 14 and I have discovered menstrual cups for around 2 months and i REALLY WANT ONE. >D
I usually go to my dad to talk about these kinds of things because he has more knowledge about it than my mother  (sadly).
So after around a week of research and trying to find what would be best for me based on text i finally fessed up to my dad and told him that i wanted one and it could really save us some moolah (theres 3 females in my house). He's heard of it before but i had to give an overview of what it was and he said i could have one BUT he had to consult a nurse first. Month later he asked and said i couldnt have one D: .
The only reason(s) why is because the dang nurse said that it was a really old concept and nobody uses them anymore. I tried to debate cause im sick and tired of pads but he came up with a "smart" remark and said ,"If there so good and new why don't they sell them in stores and why must we buy one off the internet?"
...I cant persuade him T^T
What should i do i really want one and even my older sis thinks its awesome too!
and sorry if im treating this post as therapy.

EDIT:: Thanks you guys are a big help :D sooner or later im going to get my dad to give up =]

Cleaning my Lunette

Hey folks,

I'm just starting my second cycle with my Lunette Diana! Up until now I've been just using warm water to clean it, but I thought I'd try something stronger this cycle. I figure a decent clean once a cycle is a good idea :) I picked up some hydrogen peroxide from the local chemist (3% solution - 3g/100ml) and was wondering if there is a rule of thumb for how strong to make the solution? Also since I live at home I bought a plastic container with a screw on lid - I'll probably be keeping it in my room while soaking and the last thing I need is hydrogen peroxide spilled everywhere! >.< is it ok to have it in a sealed container while it soaks?


Frayed cervix??

Today I had my yearly, "HI THAR! I HAZ VAGINA! CAN HAZ PAP SMEERZ?!" appointment.

Background info: 23, non-virgin, only had one sexual partner, no pregnancies. MoonCup(UK) user for I guess a little over a year? Maybe two? Occasionally use reusable pads, had to use regular disposables this past period because my bag with "all that girl blood stuff" apparently got shoved somewhere completely illogical during a recent move and am still looking for it. :(

Now during my exam today the doctor mentioned that my cervix looks frayed, and the duck-bills had some blood on them. He wanted to know if I had had this issue before. I reminded him that last year the same thing had happened and that he had wanted to see if the pap came back irregular (which it didn't) and from there it kinda go brushed to the side. I have had some issues with bleeding after sex but I told the doc it hadn't happened recently and next thing you know we were moving on to some other topic.

Thinking about it, I feel like another doctor has noticed the frayed look in the past but it was just before my period was about to start and she passed if off as that being the reason. This was *before* I started using a cup and I've had the bleeding from sex before cup-usage as well.

I feel silly for not asking about it while at the doc's, but does anyone think the cup usage could be making it worse? I doubt that it was the *cause* given the info above. And how exactly does one "fray" one's cervix? Could it wind up being an issue later in life?

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UPDATE (October 15th):
Went to the OBGYN. He took a look and saw what the previous doctor had talked about. He assured me that while it was friable it wasn't that bad and probably brought on by some inflammation likely caused by a bacterial imbalance/very mild infection. He didn't think it was caused by an STI either. He prescribed me a cream to aid in healing/anti-biotic and we scheduled a follow up appointment in 6 months.

All and all though, very good experience, and I got to discuss other issues regarding family history/feminine health and didn't feel rushed or as nervous as I sometimes do with my regular doctor. He reminded me a lot of the pediatrician I had growing up so it was easy to get comfortable with him, and during the exam he was describing what he was seeing and what that meant as he performed the exam. Strangely that seems to relax me more than trying to distract me with small talk. No amount of distraction is going to make me forget that someone's poking around my vagina. :P

I'll be giving my cup a *through* boiling to make sure any bacteria aren't re-introduced. And will be eating a good bit of yogurt this week to hopefully prevent the cream from killing all the good bacteria too. I'm thinking that I should look into different lubes to prevent irritating my cervix in the future too.

So yea, I'm feeling much better (although not looking forward to smearing goo all over myself tonight XP). If it turns out that the cream doesn't help or if the follow-up appointment turns up something weird, I'll update this post. Otherwise, I suppose consider this question answered!

going up a size?

I have had an orange LadyCup since February 2009, but it was recently thrown out like so many discarded retainers, wrapped up in a tissue. I picked it out after reading the information on this community, and it was perfect. Now I am miserable because my period came early before I had a chance to replace it. ARGH!

I was 23 when I got the first one, but now I'm 25. My first cup was a size Small, but the LadyCup size large is for age 25 and above. So my question is, how do you know when it's time to go up a size?