September 28th, 2010

credit to robotic_dance

sm lunette for sale. need paypal help

i was having problems with my small lunette diana. i used it for a few periods realized it was too long for me, i have a redicuously low cervix. and bought a small meluna (and got a free med one) and now have a small lunette that is horribly lonely. i would like to sell it to a good home. i will boil before shipping but still would advise buyer doing the same.

asking 25 usd (inc shipping)
need help with paypal to accept payment, it can only be shipped via usps.
  • rubile

Large or small?

I have just discovered menstrual cups! I am planning to buy one before I leave for college next week. Having read all the online advice and reviews, the Fleurcup seems to be my thing re: shape, color and price.

My only concerns are about capacity and leaking. I have a small build (5ft), am 18 years old and haven't had penetrative sex, so I'm planning to get a small Fleurcup. However, I have a medium-heavy flow and would ideally like to be able to wear a cup for a whole day straight. Does anyone know whether the small cup (diameter 41mm) would last me the whole day?

I am also worried about leaking... Dreading it! I have a fairly low-hanging cervix (appr. 43mm in with a finger) so a shorter cup is ideal, even though I also want good capacity... As you can see I'm thoroughly confused! Any advice or pointers would be great. I'll need have made my decision by the end of the day. :)

Edit: Omg, thank you for all your generous advice, I'm very grateful! I've decided to get a small Fleurcup with the thought in mind that it's my first cup and in the years to come I will probably buy others. Thank you again for all your help! ♥