September 22nd, 2010


Curious as to how many cup users use a diaphragm?

I was just researching birth control methods. I came across the diaphragm/cervical cap (which I had completely forgotten about) and now I want one because it looks kind of like a menstrual cup! (Well really it looks more like an instead, but it's close.) I was just curious if others here used one and wanted to share their experiences. It doesn't seem quite as effective as hormonal methods, but it also doesn't have side effects and is reusable/cheaper just like a cup. I think I would get a silicone diaphragm, since I've heard a lot of stories about developing latex allergies after use of the keeper. I'm already familiar with my vagina and my cervix, so it does not seem too difficult to use. Also, it would double as a cup and my bf and I could have *ahem* have sexy times on my period, cleanly. Other forms of BC like implants, IUDs, HBC, etc. don't seem worth the price since my bf and I are in a long distance relationship and we don't see each other often.

Sooo, if you use one, how long has it lasted? Pros cons experiences? I'm very curious and want to get fitted for one now, lol. Thanks in advance for your replies. :)
  • pboo04

One of those months

I just wanted to share that this period was one of the worst since I started using cups. I have been a cup user for over a year, and usually have no issues. Not this month! My cup leaked everytime. Thankfully my period wasn't it's usual super heavy "Nagra falls" type, but still a major inconvienience. I tried switching cups (I have 4), I tried switching folds, inserting in different positions, nothing worked. I searched for my cervix to make sure I was putting the cup in correctly, but my cervix wanted to dance I guess, because even after finding it, I still couldn't get the cup in right.

When my cups were in, the bothered the heck out of me. Like I couldn't get them to sit in their usual comfy spot. Instead they danced around (maybe doing a jig with my cervix??) and felt really uncorfortable for the whole 6 days.

Sigh... Just one of those months. Next month I am hoping is more like usual, no dancing cups, no dancing cervix just comfy, leak free, worry free, cup use.
Anyone else have times like that?
  • kuradi8

Period Panties?

A few months ago, someone asked if any of us had special panties just for our periods.

That got me thinking... why not???  So I bought a package of plain white cotton Granny Panties and use those.  And because they're white, I can soak them in peroxide or bleach as necessary without "worrying" about ruining them.

Others have said that they like black/dark for that week because they don't show stray stains.

So do you have special period panties?  And special or regular, do you prefer light or dark?